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Platinum Arts Sandbox is a game design tool that allows users to quickly and easily create their own worlds, even cooperatively. Through the program kids can make their own mazes, castles, forts, cities, etc in minutes. Kids are also a part of the world when they are creating it, so they can watch the results of their changes as they are happening. The main mission of the project will be to add more features and ways for the children to add their own custom content and to make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

It is free, open source, and easy to use. It is quickly picking up steam and is currently being used at a Middle School in Illinois and was used at the Summer Kids Camp at Mildred Elley College. In addition several other schools have contacted the developer about using it in their programs.

This release has many new features over all of the previous version; It has been updated far beyond the 1.2 version in so many ways.

Here are the key improvements featured in this version:

  • Driveable Carts via kartmode complete with a hovercart model
  • New ogre model for 3rd person mode (press 9 to use it!)
  • Codebase significantly updated including md5 support!
  • New menu (still very much WIP, but features lots of cool stuff!!)
  • Many New Maps: Floating Island Castle, House, ParticleShowcase (shows off all the cool particle effects!!), an updated tutorial map and a race track for kartmode!
  • Lots of code cleanup thanks to the hard work of Hirato!!
  • New higher quality texture set including lava!
  • Moving platforms and elevators (featured in the castle map)

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'platinumartssandboxbeta2.exe' (37.06MB)

Platinum Arts Sandbox is Educational Software that enables kids to design their own 3D worlds quickly and easily.    Also Platinum Arts will be providing custom content such as mazes, playgrounds, forts, jumping levels, forests and natural terrains to explore, etc.

The project is to remain open source and free so that developers and kids can help add new content and features to help make Platinum Arts Sandbox the most fun and easy world creation tool possible.  Platinum Arts Sandbox will be easy enough for kids to use but also powerful enough for full game projects. 

This release is mainly thanks to these great guys:
Hirato: Massive contributor to this release through coding, mapping, the new menu, etc.  Without him this release wouldn't be nearly as solid and advanced.  
Quin: Contributed Cart Code
Geartrooper: Contributed Cart Models
Cube 2 Community: Providing constantly updated source code and various other help and support

When you click on the downloaded file it will ask you where you want to install Sandbox. If you click the three dots to the right you can browse your computer and select where you'd like to place sandbox. After you are satisfied with where it is to install hit extract. The sandbox folder will then be created where you chose to install it. Locate the folder and enter it. Click on the link that says "Click here to start" and it should launch. To launch the carts click on the file that says "cartmode".

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