Powerful Weapons Mod

This mod makes the weapons more like weapons from the Future. It also increases the health and armor of the player to 999. I have increased...


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File Description

This mod makes the weapons more like weapons from the Future. It also increases the health and armor of the player to 999. I have increased the attack of some zombies yet decreased their health slightly. Also increased clip size of most weapons. The purpose of this mod is to frustrate you enough to nearly kill yourself or rip the wires out of your computer. If it does this then end me a copy of your suicide note, or the wires from your computer so I can hang them on my wall.(Joking.) Please send me any suggestions.

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Download 'powerful_weapons_mod_v08_small.zip' (203KB)

Put the pak000.pk4 in your Doom 3 base directory replacing the older file, or make a folder in your main Doom 3 directory name the file whatever you wish, load the file from the mods menu inside Doom 3. Enjoy.
For the large version replace the pak000.pk4 with the one from your Doom 3 cd under “install/base,” or remove the pak000.pk4 from our mod folder. If you downloaded the small version either make the mod folder mentioned above or add the files in the pk4 to the pak000.pk4
Contact info
zeldafan2 AT Comcast DOT net.  = my Email
nilkjr = my AIM
You may use my mod as a base or with any other mod. Please notify me of this and, and give me a little credit in the readme. You may not distribute this mod on any other site unless you ask my permission. If anything cool happens an example being if my mod is used in your mod, and your mod gets put on a magazine CD, please notify me and give me a little credit.
To Do List
•	Increase “kick’ of some guns.
•	Make Zombies more aggressive.
•	Edit more zombies.
•	Balance weapons better. Still too strong.
•	Edited all demons to have less health and more attack.
•	Balanced more of the guns. In last version guns were too strong. Way too strong. 
•	Edited items to give less health, armor, etc.

Sorry for the limited amount of edited zombies. I am working with a limited time schedule and wanted to release this mod before I become too busy. 

Thanks to Id for making the game
Thanks to D3 files for opening my mind to mods.
Thanks to the people who use this mod, I hope you enjoy it. : P.
Thanks to the service men and women who gave us the freedoms we have today.
Finally, Thanks to my father who gave me suggestions and encouraged me to continue with my (never published) older mods, and maps.

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