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After the invasion on Mars was over and everything was brought under control by the marines, this facility was discovered near the equator o...


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After the invasion on Mars was over and everything was brought under control by the marines, this facility was discovered near the equator of Mars. It was originally used as a backup teleportation facility, but the marines cleaned it up and kitted it out to be a training facility for any new recruits that arrived on the base.

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Map Title                : Processing Labs
Author                   : Ice Weasel
E-mail                   : guffquiff[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk
Website                  :


Game                     : Doom 3

Supported Gametype       : Deathmatch, Team DM, Last man standing, Tourney


Contents of this Package : One DOOM³ map, some screenshots, background info.txt



Installation Instructions:

	Find the enclosed icedm2.pk4 and place it in your Doom3/base directory. 
	Load up the game and select 'Processing Halls' from the multiplayer map list :)


Construction Time        : Eight days more or less

Custom Content           : None!

Known Bugs               : Again, it's in beta phase, so any feedback would be appreciated.
			   I'd like feedback on my item placement because I know I need work on that.


Special thanks: My dad for helping me playtest
		Omega Supreme for getting the teleporter script together :)

===============    B A C K G R O U N D    I N F O     =========================

-Info gathered from PDA reports found at the site-
Due to security restrictions, the UAC has allowed only an excerpt from a few of the PDAs found.

-Excerpt one-

Subject Name: Thomas Bradley
Subject Rank: UAC Z-Security
Subject body: Sergeant Kelly and squad trying to move back to Marine HQ, but all passages out of the area blocked. Looks like we’re going to have to stay here. Marines are falling all over the place, we’re being ripped apart. It’s a fucking warzone.

-Excerpt two-

Subject Name: Robert Fry
Subject Rank: UAC Troop Staff
Subject body: Still in Delta, coordinating ground forces with the Sarge. He seems different somehow. His voice has changed, he seems more subdued. I think the invasion’s getting to him. We all tailor on, despite fighting a losing battle. It’s disheartening to hear other troops fighting and dying on us while we can’t do fuck all about it. The struggle goes on.

-Excerpt three-

Subject Name: Private J Patterson
Subject Rank: UAC Marine Corps
Subject body: The Sarge said to move out of Delta and over towards the CPU complex, he said It would be safer over there. He said these monstrosities are to do with the teleporter in Delta, and we should get away as soon as possible. I have a real bad feeling about this.

-Excerpt 4 – Audio log transcribed-

Subject Name: Corporal A “Lab Rat” Aldwinckle
Subject Rank: UAC Marine Corps
Subject body: “This is Rat. We’re in the CPU complex now, and become separated from the Sarge. We’re not sure what the fuck is going on here, but I think Kelly’s become affected by the invasion. Safer over there my arse, the fighting over here is intense! This is the first lull in fighting for a few hours now. We’ve holed ourselves up in the Processing Halls with as much supplies as possible. I don’t think we’re going to make it out alive.”

-Excerpt 5 – Audio log transcribed-

Subject Name: *User unknown*
Subject Rank: *Rank unknown*
Subject body: “Fuck! Sir, did you hear that? Listen. Yeah. Listen! Fuck, do you hear it? It definitely said “I can smell your fear”. Sir, I don’t fucking like this. Can’t we go back to Delta?” *silence*
“It sounded to me like the skipper’s voice, sir. But… different. Keep a listen out for it. Shouldn’t we go out and find him? What do you mean the fucking radio’s dea-”

-Excerpt 6-

Subject Name: Private M J Caboose
Subject Rank: UAC Marine Corps
Subject body: The situation is getting desperate. There’s only me and five guys left. The fighting seems to come in waves, but has stopped since around 0230 hours. It’s now 0644, and we’re all very on edge. 
Approximately two hours ago Williams turned his plasma rifle on himself. It was not a pretty sight, and a real downer on morale. Watching your friends die is taking it’s toll on us. We’ve moved to one of the smaller processing rooms and are currently holding position there. All radio contact is dead. Power is poor at best.
Me and other members of the team have been hearing strange whispers, and seeing odd things. Wilf thought he saw one side of a wall light up with what he describes as ‘demonic symbols’. Simpson thought he heard a low rumbling, like tank tracks. Sarge’s garage is near here, so god knows what they’re doing in there. I wish we could re-establish contact with the skipper.
It’s going to be one hell of a last stand.


It seems that these marines have faced the blunt of unnecessary evil. What made Sergeant Thomas Kelly move them all to the CPU complex is unclear, but from information we gathered, these marines either fought a heroic last stand or committed suicide. Be careful inside the Processing Halls, you may be able to hear the screams of the terrified soldiers. Or will they be your own?

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