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Although this is an older mod, it is a f great way to throw some fun and enjoyment into your Doom 3 gaming experience! As this is not curre...


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Although this is an older mod, it is a f great way to throw some fun and enjoyment into your Doom 3 gaming experience! As this is not currently hosted here on D3Files, thanks goes out to Dafama2K7 for pointing us in the right direction. atzek has developed this mod back in 2005, and although it is older, it is still worth downloading and good for some gaming enjoyment!

If you enjoyed the movie Gremlins from 1984, then this game will bring back some memories, if you have never seen the movie, then this game will be a new experience for you. There are seven Gremlins available in Project Gremlin, one has a flame thrower, and one has two pistols; There is also one that has been crossed with a spider. Beware of the one with the chainsaw, he can be a problem!

The original readme is in German, and I suspect that the online translator does not do it justice, however, it is there for you to read.

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Title: ProjectGremlin //GremlinAttack
Version: 0.8 Alpha
Date: 14-08-05
-Die Mod ins Doom3 Verzeichnis Entpacken.
-Im Doom3 Verzeichnis einfach die (Project_Gremlin.bat) Datei starten.
-Falls es nicht funktionieren sollte, Doom3 starten und unter MODs denn eintrag (Project Gremlin v.0.8 Alpha) starten.
-Im Verzeichnis (Project_Gremlin\screens) sind noch ein par Screenshots.
-Es sind 7 Gremlins verfügbar (die arber noch ausgebesert werden):
		ein grem mit vier verschiedenen Texturen (sind noch etwas langsam)
		einer der feuer bälle werfen kann (...)
		einer mit einen flamenwerfer (...)
		einer mit zwei pistolen (...)
		und eine kreutzung zwischen grem und spinne (die animationen werden noch mal überarbeitet)
-Und vier kleine test maps.
-Viel Spaß beim GremlinAttack!!!!!!!!!!
Und ein dank an die guten Infos im Netz, so wie die guten tools.
Einen besonderen dank an

Starting reference In the Doom3 listing simply (Project_Gremlin.bat) the file start. Case it to function should not start, Doom3 and start under MODs entry (Project Gremlin v.0.8 alpha).

nstallation hint -Die Mod in the Doom3 listing unpacking.

There is 7 Gremlins available (to be more arber still ausgebesert): grem a test map small with four different textures (are still somewhat slow) of one of the fires of balls to throw can do (...) one with a Fleming thrower (...) of one with two pistols (...) and one kreutzung between grem and spider (the animations to become still times revised) -Und four. Much fun with the GremlinAttack

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