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Completed Doom 3? Want do go again, maybe on a harder setting, perhaps nightmare :o, or even if you havent completed it yet, or even started...


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Completed Doom 3? Want do go again, maybe on a harder setting, perhaps nightmare :o, or even if you havent completed it yet, or even started it! Anyone and Everyone will enjoy this Mod. I have added loads of mini-mods that i think work great together in, and have included a modified version of my own Psych0s Weapon Modification, which i will relase on its own as well as v1.5 standalone.

THis Mod, adds more fun, better gameplay, a bigger challenge, better effects, and a whole lot more!

This mod is a reason in itself to play doom all the way through again! Instead of hunting down many individual mods, I have made everyone out there, a convenient, single download. I also thought its easier to give you all an auto-installer that installs it all for you, so i did that to :) So all there is left for you to do, is download this one file, well, what are you waiting for, DOWNLOAD IT! If you already have, please ignore my rambles, and go right ahead with the auto-install.

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()								 ()
() Psych0s D00M³ MEGA Mod v1 by Chris Nadon (Psych0)             ()
()								 ()


     AND DESERVE FULL CREDIT FOR THE FILES. (of course i get some credit for putting this all together :p)


Anyhoo, now, lets tell you what ive mixed up in this mega mod of mine :p

                                         IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

   1) I included an autoexec.cfg, which contains a FPS (Frames Per Second) boosting Tweak, so hopefully not too much lag :)

   2) I then included 'Enhanced Doom' - All credit to:  SHODAN AKA bad marine ass - This mod basically improves
      on the game's technicalities. 	

   3) Plasma Radar v1.0 - All credit to: MWoody: - This mod adds an awesome radar onto the Plasma guns ammo
      screen, showing up with little dots when enemies are about.

   4) Then comes Ultra-Extreme-Quality-MOD (U-E-Q-MOD) - All credit to: Oneofthe8devilz: oneofthe8devilz AT hotmail DOT com - This graphic-mod 
      squeezes the absolute maximum out of Doom³ by enabling self-shadowing to all characters and monsters. Experience Doom³ the way
      it was ment to be played and enjoy Film-Quality graphics.

   5) A really cool mod here, probably my fav, the Gravity Gun Mod - All credit to: BLOODRAYNE: - This great
      Mod adds a gravity gun similar to HL2's gravity gun to your weapon list, you dont have to use it if you dont want to, but to 
      access it in game, you have to open your console ( cntrl+alt+` ) and type in 'give weapon_gravitygun' It should then be in your
      Weapon list, use your reload button to throw items, figure the rest out yourself, its easy, and funfunfun :D

   6) Next is the first Sound Mod, Fluffyinsanity's Sounds - All credit to: Fluffyinsanity: Fluffyinsanity99 AT aol DOT com - This mod
      Changes some of the default sounds, such as the low ammo (this is now a robots voice saying 'Low Ammo') along with other things.

   7) The Second sound mod is Trentreznorsounds - All credit to: Trent Reznor - This Sound pack changes yet more in-game sounds, and
      mixed with the Fluffyinsanity sounds mod, covers just about everything. Both Fluffyinsanity's Sounds and this mod make the weapons
      Sound so much beefier and heavier, the way you'd expect them to sound, makes it really sound like your kickin ass!

   8) At No.8 I added the infamous Ungibbable mod - All credit to: Junkguy: - This mod, as most of you know,
      Makes all the monsters and demons and zombies etc ungibbable, and any that wernt made ungibable, with any weapon, were updated with
      upcoming mods.

   9) No.9 brings us the D00M³ Retail Gore Mod or NitroGore 1.0 - All credit to: The Nitro Clan: - This Mod
      increases the gore, and blood given off by enemeies, it also increases the quality of the gore. Also, when your player
      gets attacked, he gives off blood :P.

  10) For No.10 i put in XioSP1FINAL Mod - All credit to: Xio - This Mod changes the look of the: Commando and Sawyer Zombies,
      Lost souls, Hellknights, and Archvile. Its makes them look so much better, and a hell of a lot more menacing and scary!

  11) This ones for the Oldskool fans, Lemme hear ya say YOOO! the Original Doom Theme - All credit to Sniperdude: 
      - This Changes the main menu soundtrack to the original Doom 93 themetune!

  12) The 2nd to last mod is the Silver Pistol Skin - All credit to: Fragger - This mod changes the look of the dark and boring pistol
      to a kick ass silver, it looks grrrreat :)

  13) Finally, i decided to add in a modified version of my very own Psych0s Weapon Modification 1.0 - All credit to me :) - 
      The modified version will be released as a standalone file, Psych0s Weapon Modification 1.5. Anyway, this basically changes
      All of the weapons, except the shotgn, pistol, and chainsaw, to make them a little bit weaker, some hold a little less ammo,
      gives you a mad rush to go for! the challenge , are you up to it? have you got the skill? we'll see. With the pistol, i made it
      slightly more powerful, and with a bigger Kickback of enemies, makes it feel more like a futuristic Desert Eagle, especially with 
      the silver skin. The shotgun and chainsaw are also stronger, i mean a chainsaw it gonna F**k up whoever gets in its way, and i
      really felt that the shotgun needed more POW! I mean its a bloody shotgun, not a water pistl, one shot with it should kill a 
      flaming zombie, or fat zombie. Also all the weapons are set for No gib, so all enemies wil stay.

      Well thats about it, enjoy it, and look forward to v2!, im not, that means ive got to write a whole new f*cking readme, and its takes
      aaaaaages! But its all worth it, if its apprechiated :) happy nightmares!


    Simply double click on the 'Psych0s Mega Mod' Installer icon and follow the on screen instructions. Can you get much simpler!?!

Release Notes

    This is the first of however many mega mod packs im going to release, keep an eye out for others, if this is a success. ANd keep an eye 
    out For Psych0s Weapon Modification v1.5

- Chris Nadon - AKA - Psych0 ;)

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