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stylezzzjasonxxx was trying to make the grenades in Doom3 more interesting. The first thing that he noticed is that t...


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stylezzzjasonxxx was trying to make the grenades in Doom3 more interesting. The first thing that he noticed is that they seem to "bounce like a rubber ball". It seems like the boys at ID software just didn't completely test their equipment. He was doing some research, and found The Advanced Weapons MoD done by Jonathan "Toaster" Courney. This developer liked the grenades that he used. The grenades are basically an on-contact explosive that is also trip activated, kind of like using proxy mines. He also decided to load the rocketlauncher with Napalm rockets, exploding into a fireball. Humm

Then the idea hit him... NAPALM TRIP ACTIVATED GRENADES!

stylezzzjasonxxx was playing around with photoshop, and completely re-textured the grenades. Now they are black-metallic, with a red band (green and yellow stock? eeewww), and a row of Punisher skulls around them. Now they look like a fun explosive device!

The next step was to figure out how to blend together Jonathan "Toaster" Courney's idea of flaming rockets and tripmines. The process didn't take long to do, so i played around with the grenades untill I found the perfect balance between fire and explosion. The fire doesn't do any HUGE damage, but it is great to watch an unsuspecting zombie trample across the mine and get engulfed in flames.

The very last thing i did was add an ambient red glow to the grenades. When activated, the grenades have rows of blinking red lights, and i thought they should emit some sort of glow. if anything, it creates an ambient light in dark areas, usefull for spotting things in the dark....just be careful you aren't too close when your grenade explodes. see screenshots for my example of lighting.

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Download 'punishment_grenades.rar' (3.27MB)

*       Punishment Grenades Readme:             *
*         by, stylezzzjasonxxx                  *
*                                               *
*					  *
*        Disclaimer:			  *
*					  *
*      This mod's sole purpose is for fun. 	  *
*     I give my permission to use this mod	  *
*     in any way that you see fit. The only	  *
*     thing that I ask for is that credit	  *
*     gets given to the origional makers of	  *
*    this mod. All skins were made by me,	  *
*            stylezzzjasonxxx.		  *
*					  *
*     I used the base definition files and 	  *
*    scripts from The Advanced Weapons Mod	  *
*   by Jonathan "Toaster" Courney. The only	  *
*   thing I did to his mod was cut out the 	  *
*  grenades portion in order to figure out how  *
*   he had implemented the land mines feature.  *
*   I also used his script and particles from   *
*              his rocketlauncher.		  *
*					  *


New Skins
New Particle Effect
New Characteristics

What the mod does:

The mod changes the characteristics of the 
standard hand grenades, and adds new skins called 
"Punishment Greades" made by me, stylezzzjasonxxx.

What changes were made:
(mostly credit to Jonathan "Toaster" Courney)

-new skins for the grenades

-new skins for the ammo pickup

-fire particle effect on explode

-very little bounce to the grenades

-no smoke trail

-increased area of blast

-less damage

-60 second fuse

-trip activated by monsters

-exploses on contact with npc or monster

-grenades now have a slight red glow when activated

_you hold 500 grenades instead of 50

-grenades do not explode unless

1. 60 second fuse times out
2. tripped by an npc/monster
3. damaged by fire
4. damaged by explosions
5. damaged by hellknight/imp plasma
6. closed in a door (?LMAO?)

compatability with other mods:

everything in my Punishment_Grenades.pk4 file only
effects the hand grenades. Not compatable with any 
mod that makes changes to the grenades. That mod
should/will take priority over this mod. 

No other weapon changes are included in this mod.


For Direct use- 
place Punishment_Grenades.pk4 in your doom3 base folder and play a normal game, or another game with a mod.

For Mod Boot use-
extract the Punishment Grenades folder to your doom3 folder. (not your base folder)
once the folder is in your doom3 folder, run doom3 and pick the "mods" menu. once in the mods menu, select "Punishment Grenades" and then "load mod" after that, start a new game and enjoy.


if using the mod under the direct use option, then any mod that changes the grenades will over-ride this mod.

any comments/questions should be directed to


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