Quake II: Lost Marine

It's finally here. The highly anticipated release of the Quake II: Lost Marine QuakeCon 2005 Test Build for DOOM 3. Get your guns and gear r...


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It's finally here. The highly anticipated release of the Quake II: Lost Marine QuakeCon 2005 Test Build for DOOM 3. Get your guns and gear ready for this action packed remix of Quake II within the DOOM 3 engine. Engage in high combat situations in all new areas with all new gameplay. Fight various Strogg enemies along your way including Enforcers, Light Guards and Flyers. Take them out with your Blaster, Double Barrel Shotgun, or other arsenal that you come across. Find secrets and secret areas and powerups. Unlock secret extra content, and much more!

This is a Single Player Demo only. This is not the full or final polished release of the mod. This is only a test build, for progress showing and bug feedback reporting. There are still things we need to finish, including animations, code, art etc. It's packaged in a Windows Installer and is also ready for burning a backup copy of the mod to CD. Don't forget to grab your CD Labels as well.

It's been a tough 4 months developing this demo, but I promised to have something playable by QuakeCon 2005 and I delivered on that promise. Everyone did an excellent job. So without further delay, just click that download button and go kick some Strogg ass!

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Download 'q2lmdemo.zip' (265.8MB)

// Quake II: Lost Marine - QuakeCon 2005 Test Build v.96 - Work In Progress
// Thearrel 'Kiltron' McKinney
// 1:17 PM 7/18/2005


Quake II: Lost Marine is a mod for DOOM 3 based off of id Software's original
1997 game, Quake II. There are some similarities, but overall it's all new.

You crash land off course in an unknown location on Stroggos, are immediately
detected by the Strogg Security Systems and are put straight into the heat of
battle. You begin with your Blaster, and find other weapons such as the Shotgun,
Super Shotgun, Machinegun, etc. as you progress.

Fight several Strogg enemies in this build including Enforcers, Flyers, and
three variations of Light Guard's. 

Everything has been redesigned from the ground up to support many of the
features the DOOM 3 Engine has to offer.


1) Run the Q2LMDemo.exe.

2) Run the Quake II Lost Marine shortcut on your Desktop or by clicking the
shortcut found in /Programs/Doom 3/Quake II Lost Marine, or.....

3) Run the Doom3.exe, click MODS, and load up Quake II: Lost Marine.

4) Click on 'GAME' and choose your difficulty.


We've made the CD Labels available to you as well which can be downloaded from
the mods download page. You will need to do the following to ensure your CD
will work after you make your backup copy of the mod.

1) Make sure you burn all files present in the Q2LMDemo.zip. They must not
reside in a folder or the Autorun feature will not work.

2) You're granted to make these backups as long as you include all 4 files
present in the Q2LMDemo.zip unaltered in any way.


Quake II Lost Marine.url



Thearrel 'Kiltron' McKinney 		- Project Development - (Design/Level Design/Sound Design/Scripting/Programming/Models/Skins/Animation, etc.)

Jeremy 'ReplicA' Smith 			- Monster Models - (Low & Hi-res Models, Skins)


Ofearia  				- Music Contribution - (Victim)
Str8jackit 				- Music Contribution - (Mechanical Jesus)
Katscan 				- Music Contribution - (Zombie Machine Demo)
Sonic Mayhem 				- Music Contribution - (Outer Base)
PNFA & oozish 				- Music Contribution - (The Symbiot)

Jim 'ReViLiTy' Kern 			- Weapon Models Contribution - (Shotgun/Skin, Super Shotgun/Skin, Machinegun/Skin, Chaingun/Skin)
Henk 'Obi-Wan' Bernhardt 		- Weapon Model Contribution - (Blaster/Skin)

Kurtis 'KMan' Smith			- Monster Model Skin - (Light Guard)
Nathan 'jitspoe' Wulf 			- Texture Art Contribution - (Various)
Andrew 'Shinjanji' Stouffer 		- Texture Art Contribution - (Various)
Rudolph 'DA-AmonRA' Odobasic 		- Texture Art Contribution - (Various)

D Canada 				- Art Contribution  - (Misc. Art Pieces)

Lloyd Markle 				- Code Contribution - (Water Code)
Anthony 'inolen' Pesch 			- Code Contribution - (Water Code)

Heather Olson 				- Female Voiceovers - (Strogg Computer System, Marine Computer Helper)


There are a couple of issues I'm pointing out right at the start that I'm aware
of, and these will be addressed in future builds.

1) LoadGame, SaveGame, and Multiplayer functionality is disabled in the main menu.
LoadGame, and SaveGame is enabled in game.

2) This is a Work In Progess (WIP) build and there are still plenty of things left
to finish up. So before sending any feedback about how something doesn't look
right, or not detailed enough, etc. Most of the time has been spent on hooking
up most of the core stuff. Now I can focus more on the finer details.

3) If it's too dark on your monitor, try turning up your Brightness found in
'Game Options'. If that doesn't work well, try turning off your lights as room
lighting on monitors wash out colors on your screen. To get a crisp picture
everytime during play, the game should be played with the lights off to eliminate
any glare the monitor may be receiving from natural light, lamps, second monitors

4) There are some temporary assets, animations, etc. in this build. They will be
replaced as the project progresses.

5) This is not the full final polished version of the mod. There's still cleanup of
current assets going on.


The custom soundtrack found in Quake II: Lost Marine has been used with
persmission in collaboration from the following bands and musicians.

OFEARIA 	- http://www.ofearia.com
Str8jackit 	- http://www.str8jackitonline.com/
Katscan 	- http://www.katscan.net/
Sonic Mayhem 	- http://www.sonicmayhem.com/
PNFA 		- http://www.pnfa.net/
oozish 		- http://www.soundclick.com/bands/3/oozish.htm


Quake 2, DOOM 3, id Software and their logos are registered Trademarks of
id Software Inc. Futrix Studios logo is a registered Trademark of
Futrix Studios Inc. All music is copyright by all their respective owners.


See DOOM 3 requirement specs: (DOOM 3 Box)

Our minimum requirement specs: 2.0Ghz CPU, 512MB RAM, 265MB of uncompressed HDD


Feel free to pass this file including it's contents around the net as is, unaltered.
No deletions, and no additions. If you're a magazine and wish to write articles
about, or publish the mod on CD/DVD, please contact me first.

This mod may not be distirubuted in exchange for finances in any way. This includes
but not limited to, payed membership sites that offer the download (only) to paying
members. It can be included on such sites if the mod can also be downloaded at the
same website for free. You cannot offer burning the content to CD for paying
customers. This mod cannot be used as a sales tactic or promotion for your website
products or services. You cannot include this mod on on a CD/DVD or other media to
be sold with magazines, etc. (unless we give you permission)

There is content that is not affiliated with Quake II nor id Software in this mod
and is copyright Futrix Studios Inc. None of it can be used or reproduced without
our expressed written consent. If these permissions aren't abided by, we will
ask that you remove the file(s) from your distribution. Respect that.


Thearrel 'Kiltron' McKinney

A special thanks goes out to everyone who has supported the mod, John Carmack,
id Software and the gaming community as a whole. Thanks to der_tons .md5
importer/exporter tool, it works extremely well. Family, friends, etc. Again,
always for you Bianca-Marie the best daughter a man could ever have.

Jeremy 'ReplicA' Smith

I'd like to thank Nathan Hammon, and Kathryn Parrish. Two of the best kids anyone
could hope to have for a niece, and nephew. My folks, David and Eunice, for being
so great to me over the years, and for putting up with my crap for so long. My
brother, Shawn, for pulling those punches at the last second. My Aunt, Lynne,
for introducing me to sculpture, and buying me my first block of real clay. And,
Sriram, for making my web site. I wouldn't have been able to help with this game
if it wasn't for you, bro. Thanks to everyone who's played the game as well, hope
you think it's as much fun to play, as we had making it. And of course, Thearrel,
for giving me this great opportunity to work doing what I love.




1) Don't talk about it, Do it!
2) Don't complain.
3) Make sacrifices.
4) Hard work requires time & effort.
5) Ignore haters.
6) Never give up.
7) Keep working at it, and you'll eventually get to where you want to be.


Please play through the Quake II: Lost Marine - QuakeCon 2005 Test Build v.96
and send your general feedback and/or bug reports to:

kiltron AT planetquake.com
kiltron AT futrixstudios.com

Also, if you like someone's work in particular, please send them an email directly.
All involved developers emails and website links can be found on the mods main page.


Thanks again for downloading it, and I hope you all enjoy it! ;)


Thearrel 'Kiltron' McKinney

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