REAL guns

This mod makes the weapons in Doom³ more "realistic", namely with new sounds.

The sounds are pretty good, sound realistic and are of good...


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File Description

This mod makes the weapons in Doom³ more "realistic", namely with new sounds.

The sounds are pretty good, sound realistic and are of good quality.


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!!!!NEW SOUNDS!!!!

REAL Guns 0.5

Created By: Matt Breedlove - asrgames

[email protected]


This mod makes the guns on Doom 3 more realistic and with new sounds.

This mod is intended for use when playing on Marine and Nightmare difficulty.


Unpack the folder to your doom 3 directory NOT under base unless you

take out the pak005.pk4 file and put it in the base folder.

What it does:

Flashlight: it's now more like a lantern.

The Pistol: New SOUND, is now like a semi-auto Magnum, alot stronger Rate of Fire Increased, a 7 shot clip.

Shotgun: New SOUND, somewhat stronger, more projectiles, spread decreased, rate of fire increased, it now holds 10 shells instead of 8, the reloading is faster  

but i did not make it to strong it is balanced out perfectly.

Machinegun: New SOUND, stronger, rate of fire increased, it no longer shoots in short bursts, but the clip was decreased to 32 shots instead of 60, i made it so the 

longer you hold down the trigger the worse the accurcy gets but it doesn't get real bad the spread on it was 2 normaly but i changed it to 3 but if you hold 

the trigger down longer than 3 secs it goes to 3.

Chaingun: New SOUND, a little stronger VERY LITTLE but the Rate Of Fire was increased, it FIRES EXTREMLY FAST, it's just a little less accurate than before, 

I tried to change it to hold 1000 rounds but the total ammo you can hold for it is 600, so if anybody knows how to change this e-mail me my address is at the

top of this readme and at the bottom.

Handgrenades: it doesn't bounce around every where when you throw it, it bounces once or twice and thats it, and the explosion radius is a little bigger,

and the damage was increased a little.

Plasmagun: stronger

Rocketlauncher: damage increased a little and explosion radius a little bigger.

BFG: stronger bigger explosion radius

Chainsaw: No Changes Yet

SoulCube: NONE


1. Chaingun can ONLY hold up to 600 rounds

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