Reaper's Marines Corp



Tired of the same ol' drab look? Are you looking to give your Doom III gaming experience a bit of a face lift? If yes, then read on.

Reaper has delivered his texture mod that will change the look and feel of Doom 3 for the better...change is always good, right? ...Especially if you're like me, and tend to lean more for the singleplayer side of the games, as opposed to multiplayer...don't get me wrong, I play them both, but I get waaaay more enjoyment out of playing the story and following a timeline of a game.

Reaper's Marines Corp mod makes a few changes to the stock version, and Reaper has included two formats of the textures, they come in .dds and .tga, and mainly make changes to the marines, although, there is a fiolder for weapons.

The changes listed include:

  • campbell
  • female_npc
  • male_npc
  • player
  • sarge2
  • weapons

Enjoy all that this mod has to offer.

Refer to the readme for more information.



Reaper's Marine Corp


This "mod" adds new textures for all of the Marines from Doom 3. Textures are in the to formats: .dds and .tga. Just look at the screens.
Include Faiakes hand mod.

Instalation: Unpack the folder. Open pack002 (Doom3\base\pak002). Copy the texture from the folder, and replace the older.


Oto kilka tekstur dla Marines z Dooma 3. Tekstury s¹ w 2 formatach: .dds i .tga. Jeœl masz polsk¹ wersjê u¿yj .tga.
Zawiera Faiakes hand mod.

Instalacja: Wypakuj folder. Otwórz plik pak002 (Doom3\base\pack002). Skopiuj tekstury i wklej je do poszczególnych folderów.

contact/kontakt: [email protected]

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