This mod enhances greatly a few visual effects (e.g. monster vaporization delayed by 10", better explosions, molten metal effect added to bullet holes, better blood etc) and changes lots of weapons stats. The player and some monsters are not spared either.

Some game play tweakings are questionable though, such as making the fists and the flashlight a lot weaker, decreasing the player's walking speed, decreasing damage of most weapons while increasing their fire rate.

My only concern is about whether this mod does a good balance of its changes.




Doom 3 Reborn v1.0
Author: ScytheX

The mod is mainly aimed at improving the visual and realism aspects of doom 3. 

Unzip the pak005.pk4 file to your "doom³\base" folder. Thats it.

General Features
1.	Added new particle effects to most weapons.
2.	Increased MuzzleFlash of all weapons.
3.	Added a molten metal effect to bullet holes.
4.	Improved bullet holes.
5.	All debris including casings now stay around 4 minutes.
6.	Blood stays around 4 minutes.
7.	All impact decals stay around 4 minutes.
8.	New Flesh Wounds for most weapons.
9.	Guns now leave decals representative of their calibre.
10. Better blood effects. There is now a lot more gore.
11. Monster vaporization delayed by 10 seconds.
12. Only chainsaw, explosive and energy weapons gib.
13. Included U-E-Q-Mod
14.	New low ammo sounds for machinegun and chaingun.
15. Improved Explosion Effects


1. 	Fists - Are now a lot weaker - A punch which does more damage than a chaingun
	round I don't think so. Also dramatically reduced push of fists - This is
	because before if you hit a dead monster in the head it would send them 5
	feet in the air.
2.	Pitol - Increased the refire rate. New sounds. Decreased the damage slightly.

3.	Shotgun - Decreased the spread. New sounds. Now reloads one round at a time.
	Knockback X5 - Can now send enemies flying through the air with a good shot.
4.	Machinegun - Increased the fire rate. Increased clip size to 99. Decreased 
	damage slightly. New Skin. New Sounds. Changed low ammo count to reflect larger 
	clip. Increased knockback slightly.
5.	Chaingun - Greatly increased fire rate. Increased barrel rotation speed. Increased
	spin-up and spin-down time. Decreased damage. Increased bullet velocity - so you can't 
	see them through the air. Increased knockback. Increased belt size to 200. Changed 
	low ammo count to reflect larger belt. Fixed chaingun gui - the ammo count now fits 
	and the health bar type counter now corresponds to the new belt size. New sounds.
6.	Grenades - Decreased bounciness. Added glow effect. Removed smoking.

7.	Plasma gun - Increased nozzle glow slightly. Greatly increased plasma velocity.
	Increased damage. Added dynamic lighting to plasma ball. Added distortion effect
	on plasma impact. Tweaked wall burn.
8.	Rocket Launcher - Added dynamic lighting to rocket. 

9.	Soul Cube - No changes.

10.	BFG - Added dynamic lighting to light up a warehouse. Increased wall mark size. 
	Increased push. Increased damage. Increased splash radius.
11.	Flashlight - Now a lot weaker - used to do more than 3X the damage of the pistol.
	Reduced push for same reasons as fists.
Increased the toughness of all zombies as well as the damage head shots do. 
Amplified Pinky Demons roar and other sounds. Cyber Demon bleeds more.

Increased running speed and stamina - this guy is a marine after all. Decreased walking 
speed slightly. Decreased stamina regeneration rate. Increased Jump Height. Player now bleeds. 

Increased maximum ammo amounts to reflect new clip sizes. Changed ammo pickups to reflect
changes as well as original problems - when I pick up a pack of two plasma canisters I 
expect to receive two canister. 

Parallax Mapping Mod by Junkguy

Thanks To
Trojanman - Flesh Wounds and Blood Effects
Psychonaut - Weapon impact particles.
Oneill - Machinegun skin
oneofthe8devilz - U-E-Q-Mod

No bugs only those found in the original game - Anyone else notice that I can send a 1 
Ton mancubus flying 20 feet through the air with a rocket but when I fire my rocket next
to a cardboard box it moves about half an inch.

Future Thoughts
1.	Fix BFG - How come I can fire the BFG into a wall right in my face and not take damage but
	if I fire it into a door I feel much pain.	
2.	Improve ragdoll physics - Fix problems discussed before.

3.	Gibs Stay

4.	New Explosion Effects

5.	Improved AI

6.	Thinking about different crosshairs for each weapon.

7.	Increase the amount of blood when creature is still standing.

8.	Improve Z-Sec Soldiers. Less damage where armoured.

Most of these will be completed after the first patch and the SDK have been

Note: This is the first Mod I have released ever.			
You can contact me by email here, ScytheX_ AT hotmail DOT com

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