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Looking for a weapons mod that reflects 150 years of technology? You've found it then, tweaked the pistol, shotgun, auto-rifle, chai...


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Looking for a weapons mod that reflects 150 years of technology? You've found it then, tweaked the pistol, shotgun, auto-rifle, chaingun and plasma rifle (wicked custom sound on this gun)

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rEgan Mods for Doom 3

Okay so I haven't written a mod for Doom since 1993, so I wasn't quite sure where to start, so I borrowed the 'sound mod', plasma realism mod' and 'flashlight 0.4 mod' from file planet.  Thank you to those writers, hope you don't mind that I thought your mods were genius and used them.  

Mostly this is a weapons mod, specifically all weapons except for the hand to hand, chainsaw, Rocket Launcher, Grenades and BFG.

Took the litto .22 calibur hand gun and decided 150 years from now, on mars no less the marines would have a formidable weapon, say something along the lines of a .50 calibur, with hydroshock rounds, and a decent clip, so semi automatic that keeping the button down keeps this bad boy firing.  Check out the impact too, especially on the zombies. No longer does gibbing, cos hey - how many handguns do you know that disintergrate people, or bullet weapons for that matter.  Kept sureshot (flashlight) reduced brightness and cone.

Shotgun, changed the clip from 8 to 10, heavily increased the damage upclose, far away it's not so much, knock back greatly improved, check out the kick when you fire. sure shot (flashlight)

Autorifle, another thing 150 years in the future, on mars no less, the marines have a .762 fully automatic rifle with a high firing rate, sure shot (the flashlight) a decent clip (50 not 60) and decent push back.  Enter the new and improved rEgan autorifle to replace the 'machinegun'.

Chain Gun - Okay only two digits here so maxed out the ammo in the chain to 99, ordinarily a chain gun carries two belts of 60 each, meaning 120 rounds, but this didn't figure so I changed the chain gun to reflect a .50 caliber machine gun, handheld, lots of knock back, in fact you have to chase some enemies with fire cos you blow them out of the path of the gun.  sure shot in the middle of the barrels.

Plasma Gun - This is my favorite, changed the sound (my personal sounds) increased the splashes and the ripples, made the rounds invisible during flight, increased damage and firing rate as well as moved the clip size to 75.  I never figured out how to make the ammo different sizes, so they are all still 25.  Keep in mind this weapon is for short controlled bursts, goes through ammo quickly.  No sure shot, instead I made the thing glow, just for fun when you are in a quiet area, stand somewhat close to the wall you are facing, and see the plasma light move.  Pretty groovy. (only weapon in mod that will gib)

Any way have fun with my Mod (which includes mods by others, whom I left their comments in the pk4 file.)

regan AT possessed DOT net

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