Rsjrv99's Skin Pack



Well here it is! Its been delayed for just about ever but thats ok because here it is! I've done some fancy things with this pack. Check out the Trite and some of the monsters tongues because i did some really nifty stuff with specular mapping. I have increaseed the bumpmapping with my own special bumpmaps for just about every monster and weapon. I have done it to some items in the world too but those are for you to find out. They're easy to notice. All in all have fun with this. Please do not copy any of this and especially the bumpmaps. I am trusting you people to keep it safe. But i mean if you want to steal it feel free. It'll be your own fault and you'll have to live with it.

History: Well i started this in around august. Yea very long time ago. I was supposed to release it in november but family complications kept me away from my computer for a few months. I found out myself how to do these bumpmaps. Its a whole different thing from using filters and thins in photoshop and dont ask me how i did it because its my little secret.



Rsjrv99's Skin Pack
Email: rossjarvis AT gmail DOT com
AIM: orlykilla

Special Thanks to:

No one. I did this by myself in my free time.

Thank you for downloading! Screenshots are included in the pak.


Rename the rar file to pk005.pk4 or if you have a pk005.pk4 in your base folder make it pk006.pk4 and so on. Then play the game!

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