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RyanDoom V, or Vaporization Version, leaves the vaporization in DOOM 3 as well as gibbing and no player shadows intact for those who...


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RyanDoom V, or Vaporization Version, leaves the vaporization in DOOM 3 as well as gibbing and no player shadows intact for those who have performance problems with the default version of RyanDoom.

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Download 'ryandoom_vaporization_build60.zip' (17.99MB)

Ryan's DOOM 3 Modification Pak File - Vaporization Version (default: ryanpak-vapor.pk4)
Build 60-v (public release)
Compatible with all DOOM 3 versions
(Latest version strongly reccomended for proper functionality)

The following list shows what has been
modified from 'vanilla' DOOM 3:

* Console now responds to tilde key being pressed instead of requiring 3-key combination.
* Cyberdemon fight and Caseon PDA fixed.
* Weapon sounds for Pistol, Shotgun, Machinegun and Chaingun are changed (including monsters.)
* Player now bleeds.

* Pistol grip is now green.
* Player shadow is now displayed correctly like in multiplayer. #
* Game is bloodier in general (more blood.)
* Player jump/land/pain/disorientation/step sounds are changed.

* Chaingun takes about a second to wind up now to ensure full wind up sound is played.
* Keycard sound is now an official DOOM 3 sound.
* Menu theme is now 128kbps; secondary theme mirrors main theme now.
* 'idlogo' RoQ movie intro replaced with updated intro.

* Several door sounds changed.
* GUI sounds changed.
* Low ammo sound removed. 
* Swinging light sound changed.

* World flashlight projection changed.

* Rocket Launcher fire sound changed.
* Grenade selection/activate/bounce sounds changed.
* Shotgun clip changed to 5 shells.

* Shotgun reload rate changed to 1 shell.
* Low ammo for Shotgun changed to 1 shell.
* Serial information added to Machinegun skin.
* Config file rps.cfg now execs only player information (avoids settings overwrite.)

* Chaingun motor loop sound reflects new chaingun sounds.
* 1.1 Patch files removed from pak file to prevent incompatiblities with previous or
future versions of DOOM 3.
* Flashlight select sound changed.
* Light toggle sound (Xian) changed.

* Pinky sounds changed.
* Hell Knight footsteps changed.
* Monorail intro commando sfx changed to match in-game sfx.
* Alphalabs 2 alarm sound changed.

* GUI arrow changed.
* Baston and Delahue PDAs fixed.

* Weapon/reactive/step sounds changed for the following monsters:
	Thin Zombie/Scientist Zombie
	Fat Zombie
	Commando Zombie (both types)
	Hell Knight

# To activate, find the following entry in your DoomConfig.cfg file under
DOOM 3's ../base/ directory:

seta g_showPlayerShadow '0'

change the '0' to '1', so that the entry reads like this:

seta g_showPlayerShadow '1'

Save the file, and exit.
When you launch DOOM 3 now, DOOM 3 single player will display the player shadow.

This pak file uses files from various other pak files/mods available on the internet for
DOOM 3. If I forget any of them, I appologize. They are:
- Trent Reznor Sound Pak
- NitroGore Pak
This pak file also includes some new files from myself. Please feel free to make your own
modifications to this pak file. 

Thanks, and enjoy.
Ryan Paul Spidell
deuxsonic AT gmail DOT com

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