Stupid Angry Bot - An offline Deathmatch Bot for Doom III

It won't eat, it won't sleep, it absolutely will not stop, until it does someth...


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Stupid Angry Bot - An offline Deathmatch Bot for Doom III

It won't eat, it won't sleep, it absolutely will not stop, until it does something stupid.

NOTE: This is a largely untested Alpha version. While theoretically the worst that will happen is the game crashes, I hold no responsibility if your computer explodes in a ball of incandescent fury.

= Limitations = There is no scoring. Other human players can't play on your server (may crash, may just not work, dunno). You will always be in warmup. bot won't run. bot isn't protected by armor. bots use single player weapon damage settings, rocket does more, chaingun less, machinegun less, plasmagun less.

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Download '' (1.96MB)

Version: Alpha 5
Date: 2005-03-04
Author: Jarad 'TinMan' Hansen

= Using the Mod =
Note: Make sure your Doom 3 instalation has been updated to version 1.1.

1. Installation: Create a folder inside the Doom 3 folder called sabot and unzip the files into it. 
Note: This bot is based on my Tinman Squad code so you can install it there.

2. Loading the mod: Run Doom 3 and choose SABot from the Mods menu.
Note: If the mod has loaded right you will see a [SABot] title on the main background.

3. Compiling AAS Files: The AI in Doom 3 relies on it's own map of the level you are playing on. The doom 3 multiplayer maps weren't created with this in mind but you can force the engine to compile them. They'll be rough, but will work for the most part. 
You'll only have to do this once for each map that doesn't have them.
At the console type 'exec aas.cfg' it will take a few minutes. This will create aas files for all the d3 multiplayer maps.
If you want to try a custom map use the command
runaas -playerFlood mapname
Where mapname is the name of the custom map.

4. Adding a bot
Start a new multiplayer deathmatch server
Note: The maps that work best are d3dm2, d3dm3, d3dm4
To add a bot bring down the console and type
	addbot bot_sabot
	Note: addbot command works like the spawn command.
	Each bot needs to be set to it's own team, the player is team 0, bot_sabot is team 1 and:
	bot_sabot_2 is team 2
	and so on up to 
	You can override the team key like so
	addbot bot_sabot team 8
	Another spawn key of interest is attack_accuracy, 2 is default, 1 is more accurate with 3 and higher moving into the can't hit a barn category. eg:
	addbot bot_sabot team 6 attack_accuracy 3
	d3dm1, d3dm5 fix: The bots like to go for the rocketlauncher naturally, in these maps something is stopping them, so we'll tell them to not go for it, the priority for the weapons is simply the weapon name and a value, rocketlauncher is 60. eg:
	addbot bot_sabot weapon_rocketlauncher_mp 10

= Customising =
Look into:
For customising info.

= Feedback =
You can mail tinman_squad at hotmail dot com
Or hunt down a thread a modifications section.

= Distribution =
Distribute as you will, just keep the zip unmodified. Sweet.

= Modifying =
If you use any of my ugly hacked up code in your own mod (note you would be insane to do so) or it helps you, drop me a line, and I wouldn't mind a mention and a link to the original .zip. Pretty please with shotguns on top.

= Thanks to =
id Software for making Doom3, true it's all been done before but it's also classic id and just plain class all the way.
Oh and thanks id for making the script plain text and thus hooking me into making this, and for the nice sdk code.
And again for the map files being in editable form.
Oh and for releasing the alternative player models. Excellent.
Brian from iddevnet for pointing out the runaas command. for providing an excellent community. It is excellent.
The guys at doom3Files for hosting.
FrikaC for FrikBotX.

= Final Thoughts = 
Making this bot was basically a sidetrack from my main project, I never intended to develop it as far as proper multiplayer integration goes.
While I did intend to take it further than it currently stands I am shifting focus back to the main project. Of course advancements to it that are mutually beneficial may prompt another release. 
I'm not guaranteeing it, not even if you send over menacing burly men.

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