This map provides an alternate ending for the Doom 3 campaign.


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This map provides an alternate ending for the Doom 3 campaign.

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Map: Script02
By: Scott Baker (SythenZeyurai)


This is the starting map for Our Alternate Ending to Doom 3.
As of now it only has basic level design. And we have posted this to
ask of peoples assistance with ideas for the architecture for this map.
Any other Ideas such as scares for the game would also be greatly appreciated.
Please E-Mail the Ideas to this: or add him on MSN.


extract the contents of the maps folder to the /Program Files/Doom 3/base 
directory then open the game and go into the console (ctrl+alt+tilda) 
and type map Script02. then play! (May need to be BSPed in DoomEDIT)


This is apart of a modification for Doom 3 made by Pohon and Sythen.
This map may not be sent to other people without credit of our work.
If you would like to take something out of this map or show this map
on a forum or other web service please ask of us and we shall give
permission to do so. to get permission please E-Mail sythen at

Contact Info:

Filefront Username: SythenZeyurai

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