Shamblers Castle



62dhnae.jpg Everyone who used to play quake back in the days can really remember how they had good time playing it. Sometime you even wonder can you ever get those times back? Well you probably can't get but don't worry, there will always be something which will bring those memories back and give you more of that original quake.

heXum and his team have made a brilliant doom3 map called Shamblers Castle. It really respects the old quake feel and they really have successfully managed to bring quake to doom3 engine. All new content is really professional quality.

Environment is a bit of medieval and gothic, and also it is really detailed . New models are really top notch quality also featuring fluent and smooth new animations. Music is fast paced heavy metal ( :rock: ) which you unfortunately can't turn off. There is nothing wrong about heavy metal, but I would like to hear some ambient which would perfectly fit to quake atmosphere. New weapons include all of the old quake tools of slaughter! However, you can't obtain lighting gun anywhere at map but it is still included in this mod.

It took me approximately 30minutes to finish this map, the ending is kind of dull or unfinished would be better word to describe it.

But in wholeness this is probably one of the most best single player maps for doom3.

So what you are still waiting for? Grab your old quake battle axe and spill some Shambler's blood dear fellow.

- Lord Zurra -



Shambler's Castle Quake Mod
The Team:
	Jason "heXum" McCord
	[email protected]
		- Map (built & 'script')
		- HUD GUI script
		- Misc. textures
		- Misc. props
		- Misc. particles
		- Item & weapon balancing

	Ryan "Quaker-X" Rutherford
	[email protected]
		- Weapon implementation and scripts
		- Item scripts
		- Misc. monster script

	Henk "Obi-Wan" Bernhardt
	[email protected]
		- All custom monster paks
		- Many props
		- Axe weapon
		- Health and ammo models
		- Misc. particles

Other Credits:
	Julian Morris
		- Weapon models and textures
	Tom Szakolczay
		- Loading screen art
	Chris Cowell
		- Weapon sounds
	Brian "Sonic Clang" Kline
		- Music, "Beef Rock"
		- Torch model

Thanks to these guys for taking time out of work and life to play our measly little mod.
Sean Slayback
Paul Sandler
Adam Gascoine
Jed Adams

Thanks to www.doom3world.org for all the info and help.

To install, unzip the contents into your Doom 3 directory. 
Go to your Doom 3 directory and click on the D3Quake.bat


Load Doom 3 and load "quake" from the mod menu. Bring down the console and type "map castle" (without the quotes).

This mod took nearly 2 years from beginning to end. All of us work a lot so our time was limited but it in the end it turned out exactly how we wanted it. Thank you to everyone who helped us get the assets we needed as well as everyone who helped us test it thoroughly before releasing it to the public.


This archive may be freely distributed as is without removing or editing of
any of the contents. Thank you.

Any questions, please contact me at:
[email protected]

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