TheRealSceneGraphManager has returned to juice up the look of your Doom III gaming experience! If you think the blood splatter in your stock Doom universe, then have we got a mod for you; Some developers do what they do because they merely have the know-how and some time on their hands...some do it to add new instances or content to the game...and some do it to improve what is already there; The latter is the reason behind this mod, because TheRealSceneGraphManager didn't like the blood decal that is present in this game, he set out to fix it his way...

What exactly does the ShinyBluds mod do? It allows the blood in the game to reflect the enviroment; In the words of the developer: "It's a bit of a cheap hack, i.e. I merely apply a masked cubemap to the decals, but it looks pretty damn good as is." There are a few problems with it, in particular the fact that there will still be visible highlights even in the dark, even still, this mod adds a bit of realism to your game...it's tthe little things that make a lasting impression.

Refer to the readme for more information.



TheRealSceneGraphManager's ShinyBluds mod v0.8

Yet another Doom 3 engine tweak has emerged from my secret underground (not really) laboratory...
I call it...

One of the things that bothered me about Doom 3 and indeed many games with blood decals is the fact that
the blood doesn't reflect the environment. This mod remedies that. It's a bit of a cheap hack, i.e. I
merely apply a masked cubemap to the decals, but it looks pretty damn good as is. There are a few problems
with it, in particular the fact that there will still be visible highlights even in the dark. Tough cookies,
I am unable to, to the best of my knowledge, scale the cubemap intensity by the amount of light hitting the object.
If an engine whiz can do this inside the materials system, feel free to do so, and if possible let me know how you did it;
it might be useful in some other mod I may be making. Also note that this *is* compatible with all standard blood mods that
do not modify the "senetemp.mtr" material database. If the mod has new materials, the conversion is pretty simple; all you
have to do is open up the file in Notepad, search for "splat," no quotes or comma, and copy what comes up in the included
file over whatever's in the other mod's thingy. There should be like 17 entries in one big block, I'm going to assume you're
big boys and girls and can figure out where to begin copying and where to end. No big deal, although perhaps a bit intimidating
for those who don't do any modding.

The mod doesn't get all blood decals in D3, but I haven't found too many that are unaffected. A lot of the special ones I ran
across in a cursory search require some minor changes to the decal texture in addition to the material tweak and since I'm lazy
I didn't bother to go through each and every material entry and find all of them. In fact, a lot of them never actually show up
in the game. You're welcome to fix that; you can also inform me of any you've found and I can update this.

This should work in RoE, too, almost forgot. I was going to get the extra decals in DentonMod and derivatives to be shiny, but
Clone_JCDenton uses a slightly more intuitive form of decal texturing that would require me to change to the standard Doom 3
"inverted blood" scheme before I could get the effect to show up. Since not all mods use this I figured I'd put it on the back
burner. They will look the same as always, no corruption or any of that bunk.

Drop the pak266.pk4 file into your \base\ folder or whatever mod you may wish to have this effect enabled. If it doesn't
show up correctly or other stuff starts looking weird, chances are something else is overwriting the engine's copy; check
paks with a higher priority (read: number at the end) for a file with the same name/location and in any additional mods that
may be active. If you find another one, use the copy/paste trick mentioned above and update the file in the offending archive.
Remember to back up, kids!

Take the pak266.pk4 file out of the folder or ship it off to the recycle bin, I don't care which.

If anyone can make some nicer cubemaps for these that would be great too.

Finally, feel free to use or add on to this mod at will; I've mentioned possible improvements multiple times, but consider this to
be formal permissions. As with all my other released mods, some credit would be nice :)

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