Skin Pack Add-on for Classic DOOM

This mod changes the colors of some of the Doom 3 monsters so that they match their original Doom 1 and 2 counterparts.

Skins included in...


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This mod changes the colors of some of the Doom 3 monsters so that they match their original Doom 1 and 2 counterparts.

Skins included in this release:

- archvile (updated) - cacodemon (updated) - cherub (updated) - cyberdemon (updated) - hellknight (updated) ;) - imp (updated) - lost soul (updated) - maggot (updated) - mancubus (updated) - pinky (updated) - revenant (updated) - sabaoth (spider-mastermind look) - ticks (updated) - trite (updated) - vagary (updated) - wraith (updated) - zombie commando (updated) - zsec-machinegun (updated - heavy-weapon-dude of DOOM2) - zsec-pistol (updated) - zsec-shield (updated) - zsec-shotgun (updated)

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Name- Skin Pack Add-on for Classic DOOM (2.5) -mod of DOOM3 ( )
Release Date- July 16, 2005

Author- Santiago Rocha (from Uruguay)
E-Mail- srs2 AT



The skins of release 2.0 are:

 archvile -(updated) 
 cacodemon -(updated)
 cherub -(updated)
 cyberdemon -with eyes ;)
 hellknight -(updated) -new look
 imp -(updated)
 lost soul -(updated) 
 maggot -(updated) -new look
 mancubus -(updated)
 pinky -(updated) 
 revenant -(updated) 
 ticks -arachnotron-look
 zombie commando -(updated)
 zsec-machinegun -(updated)
 zsec-pistol -(updated)
 zsec-shield -(updated)
 zsec-shotgun -(updated)

The skins of release 1.0 are: 

 cacodemon -one green-eye ;)
 hellknight -two skins
 imp -two skins 
 lost soul -skull-look 
 pinky -with yellow-eyes ;)
 zombie commando -ss of Wolfenstein3D (secret enemie in DOOM2,of course the look is retro)
 zsec-pistol -zombieman of DOOM1,2 
 zsec-shotgun -shotgun-guy of DOOM1,2

 -How To Install-

1. Extract SR_CDOOM_skins_(performance or quality).pk4 and cdoom_def.pk4 to your doom3/cdoom directory. 
2. Load 'Classic DOOM 3' mod and the skins will take effect.

 -How to Uninstall-

1. Simply delete those .pk4 files.



 The pack doesn't work for Mac users. Are you planning on making it compatible in the future?
 Unfortunately, being myself a PC user, I don't have a clue about what is the problem that causes it to hang. If it's for having edited files to add or hide original Doom3 textures, there seems to be no solution. On the other hand, if anyone finds out specifically what the problem is and knows what I should change to make it work in both operating systems, please write to me.

 Skinpack 2.0 is supposed to be for Classic Doom, but there's a compatibility error with version 0.56
 The skinpack was released when Classic Doom was at version 0.25. For version 0.56, .def files were added, which hold the information for the zsec's heads, so I've included cdoom_def.pk4 which must be replaced by the original. But beware!, if for future versions of Classic Doom, files in this .pk4 are updated, replacing them with a previous version should cause an error. For that reason, here goes exactly what I changed in cdoom_def.pk4:

 monster_zsec_pistol.def > entityDef monster_zsec_pistol > 'def_head'    'head_zombie6' (changed to 'head_zombie7')

 monster_zsec_shotgun.def > entityDef monster_zsec_shotgun > 'def_head'    'head_zombie5' (changed to 'head_zombie6')

 To solve the problem of the order in the heads of the zsecs in the original Doom3, what you have to do is rename the file pak000.pk4 in Doom3's 'base' directory to .zip. Then, from Windows Explorer (if you don't have XP you'll need WinZip), select the 'def' folder, which you'll have to extract from SR_CDOOM_skins_(performance or quality).pk4 and drag it onto ''. In Winzip, when adding the files, check that the 'Replace' option is checked. Then rename '' back into 'pak000.pk4' and you're set.
 When you want to bring it back to normal, remember that there's a backup of the original 'pak000.pk4' file in Doom3 CD#2 (in the 'setup\data\base' folder).
Don't forget to copy the SR_CDOOM_skins_(performance or quality).pk4 to Doom3's 'base' folder or the machine will hang when you meet the zsec_pistol or zsec_machinegun.

 The cacodemon, lostsoul and imp look awful in low-lit rooms (version 1.0 and 2.0).
That's for manually editing of the models' local maps. The error is the following: the model's geometry appears cut, so in the joint of the two symmetrical parts, it lacks the 'blend' smoothing and the specular. Also, the ligthing has a hard time getting over to the symmetrical side.
 When I began making the skinpack, I noticded there were errors in the way the skins were displayed, as when manually editing the local maps, incoherences arise in the model when in the light or shadow. I realized I had to individually edit the red and green RGB channels, which would take me time, which is why I decided to release the 1.0 version barely 4 days after starting, to make sure it worked in other machines, so I'd know whether the effort would be worth making.

 Could you make a version that is at least compatible with High Quality? Because Ultra mode kills my CPU (version 1.0 and 2.0).
  I haven't still been able to find out what is the problem that causes some textures to be lost in quality modes lower than Ultra Quality.
 This has been another error I found when I began working on the skinpak.
Supposedly, it whould be due to commands written in the materials list that work with .tga, 'uncompressed', 'highquality' and 'forceHighQuality'. However, none of them is in the pak's .mtr files. 
But in this release I've changed the .tga names, and now the pack works in all the detail modes, as I noticed that the new .tgas, such as the 'zombieman'
weren't affected by this issue.

 Why are you making skins for enemies that weren't in the original Doom?
 The skinpack tries to help the Doom3 enemies that are 'temporarily' in the mod, to have a more classic look, but in the future, this 'total conversion' could get a remake of all the enemy models to be accurate matches of the original, so all the work I make now wouln't be wasted if the pack was also compatible with the original Doom3. I'd probably also have to do a remake of the new enemies to avoid the inconsistency in styles between the old and new enemies during the game.
 Of course, you'd have to use the 'Stupid Gunlights' mod by Noni to appreciate the skin work, since the original Doom3 is just too dark, and the 'Classic Sounds Soundpack' by Revenant100 to set a more nostalgic ambient. 
But remember that when you put the 'Stupid Gunlights' .pk4 in Doom3's 'base' directory, the machine will hang when you try to play the 'Classic DOOM' mod.

 Are you sure you put the hellknight skins in the correct order?
 The HK has two skins: a grey one and a green one, representing maybe the hellknight and the baron of hell. The problem is, which is which? I mean, the originals are orange and red. I got based in the fact that the first time that you face these enemies in Doom3, are two grey ones that come out of the portal, maybe representing the final shareware Doom bosses (first episode in Doom), which are two orange ones (hellknights). Also, it would fit the color tone, as the HK is lighter than the BOH, just like grey and green.

 The pinky looks kinda good, but its teeth really suck.
 The problem is that the models' UVW map is way too stretched, to the point of only being able to put teeth on the mandible's sides. I should change the geometry in the future.

 The revenant's armor doesn't look as convincing as the zsec_shield's shield.
 The problem is that the revenant's armor is flexible, so giving it more detail (to be perceived as rough), would evidence the area where the armour stretches.

 The archvile has a light point in its head.
 You should check that kind of bugs with the original skin before posting them.


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 I am not affiliated with Activision, id Software or Flaming Sheep Software in any way, they do not hold responsibility for any technical issues that you may encouter through the use of this skin pack. Contact me at srs2 AT if you find any problems.

 -Doom 3 is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.-


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