SkyDancer's Shotgun



Why use duct tape when you can just turn on the shotgun’s own flashlight? I basically added a beam and flare to both the view and world md5 mesh for the shotgun so that it looks like the cylinder protruding from the shotgun is a small flash light. This adds a little bit of realism to anyone wanting to use a flashlight with the shotgun and not wanting to drastically alter the shape of the shotgun.

I also combined elements from both of the above mods so that the shotgun’s torch has a dimming effect while retaining the shotguns barrel flare.



skydancershotgun by SkyDancer

flashlight mod


Have to give credit to Wrake for his URTL mod and Daredevil for his Laser Sights and Muzzle Flash Mod.

Feel free to use any part of this mod without giving me credit cause most of the work was done by the two legends above.


Just unzip the pk4 file into your Doom3 base folder as this mod should work with any other mod provided its not overriding or under-riding the other mods code.

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