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This is an early release due to a major bug I never did get resolved and a lot of minor glitches I had. Even though Im probably taking a bre...


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This is an early release due to a major bug I never did get resolved and a lot of minor glitches I had. Even though Im probably taking a break from mapping I would appreciate any feedback on these issues since it will help me deal with future issues. Thanks.

Main issue is that after a while in the game it gets real jerky and I dont mean low frame rates every couple seconds, your frames may take a dive from 60 to 1 for a split second for no apparent reason. Running into the break room alleviates this temporarily so does noclip but sometimes its not.

PS: Feel free to roam, you may go through 2-3 rooms completly unfinished to find the next one done. All the dead ends did have an initial purpose but as you can see its far from finished and the name was to be exhale in reference to an outdoor scene I never got to (not a subtle smoker or toker joke).

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Download 'exhale1_map.zip' (23.03MB)

Title : exhale1 (beta) ''maybe even alpha''

Author : VOLDEMORT aka mobiusconstruct
Email Address : mobiusconstruct AT hotmail DOT com
	mobiusconstruct AT gmail DOT com

Description : This was a level I started quite awhile back I spent about 2 hours a night for 5-6 weeks and got tired of mapping
I came back to try to finissh it and my old maps to only invest another 50-60 hours and find my self tired of mapping again.  Maybe 
when the kids are a bit older and work isnt so demanding Ill take up the mantle again but as is the complexity of modern mapping just takes 
to much time and investment for one man in my situation so unless I end up helping on someone eles efforts this will probably be my last map

Special Thanks : id Software, Doom3world.org, Satanic Pbmax iwantmore ALL the staff at Doom3wold big thanks again

-Install Instructions-

1) Unzip exhale1.pk4 into your DOOM3/base directory.
2) Start Doom 3 and press Ctrl+Alt+~ (Tilde) to bring down the console.
3) Type map exhale1


-Map Information-

New levels : 1
Requirements : DOOM 3
Build : from scratch
Build Time : off and on
Map Name : exhale1
Game Mode : Single Player
ROE compatible : NO
New Textures : Yes
New Models : NO
New Sounds : NO
New Music : NO
New Lights : Yes


-Copyright / Permissions-
Do with it as you like everything I hope its of some use to you or at
least some enjoyment

again fell free to use anything you like textures assets ideas even email me a question if your curious about something

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