Special Weapons of UAC

You have just found a secret batch of uac weapons and now your ready to kick some a**! Grab your weapons and start fragging because with the...


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You have just found a secret batch of uac weapons and now your ready to kick some a**! Grab your weapons and start fragging because with these new weapons your enemies wont stand a single chance!


- Backpack gives you a bundle of ammo and armor - Armor now gives you 75 - Max armor is now 130 - Small medkit gives you 25hp and large 50hp - Ammo around the maps are balanced to fit the new weapons

Upgraded weapons:

- Fists: Cheap, but hey its your own hands!!! - Pistol: Fire's faster and with a deadly punch! **New sounds added - ShotGun: Fire's slightly faster with a slightly more damage. **New Sounds Added - MachineGun: Fires more quicker and rips your enemies quicker than before. **New Sounds Added - ChainGun: The most powerful weapon in the mod has a 150clip fires at a superb rate of fire but less damage. **New Sounds Added - Grenades: Small, Light, and deadly these things detonate at a bigger blast hitting more enemies. - PlasmaGun: Now fires 5 plasma blasts at a time and shoots faster but a lower'd clip size. - RocketLauncher: Weaker than before but thats the sacrafice to make this baby shoot faster! - Bio Force Gun: no special changes to this. - Chainsaw: Marines now start with the CHAINSAW!!! The firing rate of it is increased!

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Download 'suacweapons.zip' (136KB)

Special Weapons Of UAC v1.0

Download and extract to your doom3 folder.
If you have problems doing that join a server named ''SargentBears Weapons Mod'' to download the file automaticly.


Some weapons in multiplayer has a -63 bullet count somtimes less but it really is the original amount so dont let that fool you!
pistol sounds arent in sync after reloading (Rare to happen)

Bug fixes from v0.80

Fixed the heavy fps drop when in  a chaingun battle if you noticed the bullet holes the chain gun makes are small.
	this doesnt affect the fire rate or damage.

Fixed the plasmagun and how it fires its rounds.

Fixed a major crash bug in the map ''Marines Appartment''

And fixed a number of minor bugs here and there

Serioussam SE for the amazing weapon sounds
RhinoSoft for the amazing ftp client
DYNDNS for the free domains and the auto download function for the server
and the marines of uac


Teh_Bear (Mod Leader/Programmer)

Darth (Tester)

The Server's Ip Address Is
The Mod's Size Is About 200-kb
The Mod's Name Is ''Special Weapons Of Uac''
The Auto Download Function Table Is
	seta net_serverDlTable ''uacweapons\uac_special_weapons.pk4;uacweapons\description.txt;readme.txt''
	seta net_serverDlBaseURL ''ftp://doom3 AT filebaseftp.homeftp.net''
	seta net_serverDownload ''2''

contact me teh_bear at odette4229 AT optonline.net
or download xfire www.xfire.com and add battlebeardoom3 to your friends list

COPYRIGHT 2006 by Teh_Bear

Do Not Modify Without Giving Credit To Me or Use Within Your Mod With out Credit To Me
You May Use/Edit This Mod In Any Way You Want But GIVE ORIGINAL CREDIT saying CREATED BY BEAR MODIFYED BY ''Whoever''

If you do this without credit to me i will know... trust me.

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