When I released this map I didnt think I was going to release another version until I found a bug and some changes that I needed to make. Th...


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When I released this map I didnt think I was going to release another version until I found a bug and some changes that I needed to make. This is going to be the last and final version. Here is what I changed/fixed:

1. Fixed a very small bug with the plasma ammo placement on top of the castle. 2. The 2 towers on each side of the entrance way have been edited after I noticed that as you got more and more to the top the platforms got smaller, and also the width of the wall at the tops was sized down so you cant get stuck. 3. Added a new loading screen.

This is my second map for doom 3 called Medievil. I've always liked Medievil stuff and wanted to create something different for doom 3 instead of a techie style map. There are 2 versions of the map included a normal version recommended for high end pc's and most mid-range systems, and a version for the low end pc users. The only difference between them is the low end version has no shadows.

The water in the map wont look really good if your using an older video card. The reason for making the 2 versions was that the normal version has some pretty bad performance issues on low end pc's.

Supported Multiplayer Gametypes: ALL Max Players: 6-8 Just to let everyone know in the map selection menu in multiplayer steveodm2 is the normal version and the steveodm2_lo is the low end version.

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Download '' (7.71MB)

<UPDATED 03/11/2005>
Maps Name	        :  SteveoDM2-Medievil
Installation directory  :  /base/steveodm2.pk4
Author                  :  Steven Thomas, AKA --==Steveo==--
Email Address           :  steve_2003_01 AT hotmail DOT COM

Other info              :  My website:
Additional Credits to   :  id Software, Kold for his evil sky (, Chris Zastrow for the custom 
                           wood, ground, and brick textures I used (, Alex Jeffrey,
                           and StupidFatZombie of ( for water source.

Thanks to               :  JmAn, and =Edo= for there support, Brian K. Trepanier, and MNeMiC for there tutorials, and Doom 3 Files For hosting my site.
* Construction *
Base                    :  steveodm2
Editor used             :  Doom Radiant
Known Bugs              :  none please email me if you find any.
Build/Animation time    :  3-4 weeks.

* How to use this map *

Unzip steveodm2.pk4 into your doom 3 base directory.
For example: (C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base)

* Copyright / Permissions *

DOOM(R), DOOM II(R), & DOOM III(R) are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

Please do not edit this map or use it as a base to build your own, There are plenty of tutorials out there to help you.
You may put this file on your site as long as all the files remain unmodified, this readme files stays attached, and you give
me proper credit, Thank you.

Copyright Steveo's Chamber

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