Stupid Gunlights



This will add an invisible shoulder flashlight to the BFG, Chaingun, Machinegun, Pistol, Plasma gun, and Shotgun, which is enough to cover the main guns. There is no toggle at the moment, but it is much better than having no light at all. He has also altered the muzzleflashes, but the Importance of them is minimal at best with the added light. It's good to have in those badly lit areas, which is just about all of them. Reccomended for those of you that are afraid of the dark, and don't like feeling vulunerable with nothing but a flashlight in their hands.




Stupid Gunlights 1.0
By Noni
[email protected]


Nearly all of the code here was shamelessly taken from Glen Murphy's duct tape mod (which modifies the machine gun) and John 'Cryect' Rittenhouse's pistol flashlight mod.


The Pistol Flashlight Mod 0.1
by John 'Cryect' Rittenhouse
[email protected]


Adds flashlights to your BFG, Chaingun, Machinegun, Pistol, Plasma gun, and Shotgun in Doom 3

Muzzle flashes are altered, but you won't need them any more to see, so who cares. Also, the light is off-center from the crosshair differently for each weapon, and it lights up your weapon model and hands. So just imagine that you have a flashlight strapped to your shoulder or something.

There is currently no toggle for the light while playing.


1. Copy pak005.pk4 to the /doom 3/base/ directory where all your other pak files are.
2. Run Doom 3.
3. Profit.

If you load a saved game, it will start at the beginning of the level.

If you have other mods, you can rename this to pak006.pk4 or whatever and it will still work so long as your other mods don't modify the same weapons.

If you want to remove, for instance, the light from the plasma gun, then open pak005.pk4 in winrar and delete the plasma file in both directories.

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