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Mod Details: -New loading screens -Flamethrower has been added and Weapons have new sounds. -Removed beep in MP. -Better AI for enemy's...


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Mod Details: -New loading screens -Flamethrower has been added and Weapons have new sounds. -Removed beep in MP. -Better AI for enemy's. -Many other small mods added such as Intelligent Ungibbing, Parallax Bump-Mapping, and Cell Shader Effect. -Sentry bots now help you. -And many other things (see readme)

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Super-DOOM³ MOD v1.0
*ThirdPerson View.
*Moveable Camera Settings.
*Better AI for Enemies.
*New Textures and Fixed Models.
*Zombie Respawn System(tm).
*Ultra Shadows Effects.
*A small Flashlight for Guns.
*New FlashLight effect.
*New Sounds for Weapons.
*Sentry Bots can help you.
*Intelligent Ungibbing 2.0 (TM).
*Granade Fixed.
*All proyectile have now Light.
*All proyectile Bullets can see.
*Removed the BEEP in MP games.
*Configurable Mod options.
*Parallax Bump-Mapping(tm).
*Cell Shader Effect(tm).
*Preliminary version of COOP.
*New Loading Screens.
*Toggle for Show FPS.

*Other fixes not show in this readme.

About this Release:
Now the 1.0 version comes!!!
Try and Get your game DOOM3 to the LAST QUALITY LEVEL!!!

Simply run the Installer.

Simply run the Installer.

Fix the Light for the Guns in ThirdPerson View.
Fix the AIM and Camera Bugs in ThirdPerson View.
New Models for the Player and Marine Coop SP.

Captain_Brian: For the frist Release. (Greatest Dev)
Monster : for help me with mirrors. (Official Mirrors)
Shaila : for help me with Bugs. (A good Girl!)
Ween : for Testing the Mod. (official Beta-tester)

[ColdIce]: for ideas and co-working. (Member Team)
Fangster : Great Dev. (Member Team)
geno : Great Mapper. (Member Team)
Lingo : Greatest Texture man! (Member Team)
NeoG : Great Dev and Tester (Member Team)
SiTWulf : myself LOL :P

Other Mods authors are inside the Installer.

Thanks to you for test and use my Mods, really thanks!

If you want to include your Mod in this Super-DOOM Pack, please contact me.

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