Super Flashlight



This mod adds 5 new operating modes to the regular flashlight. To cycle through the modes, tap the RELOAD button, this will advance you to the next mode. You can tell which mode you are in by the color of the light.

Normal (white)

Psych (purple) Causes targeted monsters to enter a hallucinatory state where they ignore you and strike out at imaginary enemies.

To activate the psych mode, hold down the ATTACK button and move the crosshair across a monster. The effect will last as long as you hold the ATTACK button down. You can target multiple monsters at a time.

Summon (yellow) Summons an evil twin to battle a targeted monster.

To activate the summon mode, hold down the ATTACK button and move the crosshair onto a monster. The first monster the crosshair touches is the targeted monster, only one monster at a time may be targeted. Now move the crosshair to a point where you want the evil twin to spawn, preferably a spot on a flat floor with enough room to spawn in, and release the ATTACK button. An evil twin of the monster will spawn in and they will battle to the death. The survivor will then attack you.

After you release the ATTACK button, there is a two second delay in which you cannot perform another operation (such as targeting another monster, changing flashlight modes, or changing weapons).

- For the cyberdemon the delay is 6 seconds. - Evil twin battles can be disrupted by another monster. - Does not work for Sabaoth.

Masterkey (blue) Allows you to open locked doors and cabinets, and to pick up items at a distance.

- To open a locked door or cabinet place the crosshair on it while holding down the ATTACK button. - To pick up an item, place the crosshair on it while holding down the ATTACK button. You can pick up items at a distance and through windows or solid walls.

If you open a security cabinet with the flashlight, the only way you can pick up the items inside is with the flashlight.

Demolition (red) Blows things up. Doors, windows, toilets, machines and lots of other stuff --- gone!

Put the crosshair on something while holding down the ATTACK button.

- You can't blow up monsters, that would be too easy. - You can blow the heads off of zombies, zsecs and NPCs. - You can also blow up things that you shouldn't.

Clone (green). Creates copies.

To activate the clone mode, hold down the ATTACK button and move the crosshair onto something you want to clone, then move the crosshair to where you want the clone to appear and release the ATTACK button. If the object you selected was able to be cloned then it should have appeared.

- If the crosshair is on an object when you release the ATTACK button, the clone will be placed on top of the object. - Monsters, NPCs and most moveable items can be cloned. - Machines, doors, walls, rails are generally not able to be cloned. - As a general rule, if you can push it, you can clone it.



Super Flashlight
by DC Doom 

Use this mod at your own risk.
Patch version 1.2

Installation: Unzip dc_superflashlight.zip. Place superflash folder into your Doom3 folder, not your Doom3\base folder. Start up Doom3. Select the mod tab. Select Super Flashlight from the list.

Uninstall: Delete superflash folder.

Scripts changed: weapon_flashlight.def, weapon_flashlight.script, monster_boss_cyberdemon.def.

The cyberdemon has been changed to allow it to take damage from any weapon, so you can have evil twin battles.

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