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This mod doesn't add a new weapon to your inventory - it just increases the power of the plasma gun exponentially; just spawn a monster and...


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This mod doesn't add a new weapon to your inventory - it just increases the power of the plasma gun exponentially; just spawn a monster and fire off a round of super plasma (I like using fatty zombies because it's hilarious watching their limp bodies fly around the damn place). And better yet, IT DOESN'T GIB!!!

As I said before, don't stand close to any monsters or you'll kill yourself in the process. The damage this gun causes is enough to kill all of the smaller enemies (such as ZSecs, Imps, Commandoes, and Pinkies) in one shot, whether you hit them directly or not. Bigger monsters (such as Hell Knights and Mancubuses) usually go down in two or three hits.

I should mention that the knockback and push factors in the Def file have been increased drastically (they are now at 20000 for both the direct and splash damage entityDefs). Enemies should go flying across the entire room now. I also downsized the clip from 50 to 25 and decreased the fire rate to half its original to balance gameplay (although there really is no point in that since this weapon is still very powerful no matter what you do).

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	Super Plasma Gun v1.0 by Robert Black

For more info, contact me at: music25 AT telus DOT net

Extract the folder 'Super Plasma Gun v1.0' to wherever you store your mods (in 
my case, that's C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\Mods\) using a utility called WinRAR. You
can download a 40-day trial version at <>. I would recommend this 
form of compression since it compresses your files by at least 93% (as opposed 
to just 99% using convential ZIP compression).

To install, just copy and paste the 'pak007' PK4 to your DOOM 3\base directory, 
for example:

	C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\base\, or...

If you have 'Resurrection of Evil' installed, copy and paste it to your 
DOOM 3\d3xp directory, like this:

	C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\d3xp

And presto! Now you can play the game using green 'super plasma' to blow your 
enemies away 'til kingdom come! (And when I mean 'blow', I mean it - just don't 
stand to close to where the plasma hits or else you'll blow yourself away too...)

//Known Bugs:
I've tested it through and through, and there are absolutely NO bugs to report.
Actually, the only bug involves the scripts - any other file that modifies the
plasma gun's script will either be used instead of the one used in this mod, or 
vice versa.

You can use this mod however you like, as log as you mention me in the credits 
of your own mod.  This mod was very easy to create, and I had an enjoyable time 
creating it. I hope you DOOMers will enjoy it too.

Happy DOOMing!

-R. Black ;)

PS: I'm busy creating another version of this mod in the meantime so it will be 
an entirely seperate weapon.  You can look for it on: <>

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