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This Mod has origins in some other weapons mods, but takes them to a higher level! Not just more damage like some, but with balance a...


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This Mod has origins in some other weapons mods, but takes them to a higher level! Not just more damage like some, but with balance and realistic usability. Lights, sound, speed and damage added. Your weapons will perform and sound awsome. In short, weapons will KICK A$$!

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Damage Increased slightly (More realistic, stock shotgun was way too wimpy. Now shotgun is LETHAL!)

Spread Decreased (But not unrealistic like some mods that use 7 degree cone. Spread is wide enough so that a direct hit is not always necessary, but narrow enough to kill at a greater distance.)

Knock Back Increased (Enemies now fly back several feet when killed.)

Killer Sound (From Mycelo, but increased bass. Stock Doom 3 shotgun blast sound was sick and WEAK...not any more!!)

Magazine Increased to 12 Rounds (Not unrealistc, some assault shotguns carry 12....and besides, it ROCKS!)

Reloads Full Magazine (Totally unrealstic, just hit your reload key any time and your back to a full 12. Great for heavy fighting....again, it ROCKS!)

Flashlight (Of course!)

Speed of Projectiles Increased (Plasma balls now fly fast and hit target much quicker. Was tired of stock plasma balls that were slower than a girl's softball throw!)

Killer Sound (Projectiles seem to rip the air)

Magazine Increased to 75 (Doesn't run out of ammo so quick)

Flashlight (Of course!)

OTHER NUMEROUS TWEAKS TO OTHER WEAPONS (not enough time to mention them all....but you'll see they KICK!

Basically, if you read the description from the Mycelo Mod you will know how the rest of the weapons are modded. I have not changed them much with the exceptions of flashlights on all weapons except BFG, some performance tweaks and no unreal damage increase, and what is written above. Mycelo's mod is good but he doesn't believe in lights or increased damage....I DO! But I agree with him on keeping it a point. I must give a huge nod to Mycelo for this Mod. I would also like to give props to the Plasmagun Mod, Four gun flashlight Mod and I'mmaWimp Mod, (Sorry guys, I forgot your names, I'm real bad about that but you know who you are!)

Just copy the .PK4 file to your Doom3/Base folder. No need to make a folder and then select Mods once in the game. As long as the PK4 file is in your Base folder usually: C:\Program Files\Doom3\Base it will work. If you don't like it just remove it from the Base folder.

TRY MY MOD! Hope you like it!

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