Teh Base



You are a security guard operating on multiple Mars stations. You are just enjoying a holiday when suddenly you get an emergency signal from one of your neighbour stations which works on a secret project. Your mates are already on their way out there and you start to move your ass to this station and do your job. By designing the map i wanted to combine the new technology of Doom 3 with a more action oriented gameplay like in the classic Doom and wanted to create fear through hard but fair gameplay.


Singleplayer map, playtime ~1.30 - ~3.30 hour, its a big one, you need some time, the difficulty is hard. If you are a medium skilled player, you should choose the recruit-difficulty level, if you are a good skilled, you should choose the marine difficultly level. Believe me!!!

Version 1.1 makes the final boss less hard to defeat.



               -= T E H    B A S E =-

SP Map for Doom 3

Autor:         wARmAcH1n3 / wARmAcH!n3 / kn|wARmAcH!n3
RL-Name:       David Jakubowski
Email:         forest2 AT gmx.de
Mapname:       teh Base
Doom3-Version: 1.3

IMPORTANT1: this is a mod, it use custom code so load it through the mod list in
Doom3. If you dont get a custom loading screen, something is wrong.

IMPORTANT2: you need a minimum of 42 fps by timedemo demo1 (second run) to have a
stable fight!!! With 42 fps the fights will usually lie between 20-40 fps and may
drop to 15-20 fps for a short time during a few graphics intensive situations. 

IMPORTANT3: of course standard Doom 3 procedure: play it in a dark room and with
the sound set to loud

TIPS: make separates savegames every half hour, because you can run into trouble,
make a quicksave and maybe you are then trapped in a bad situation. So its better
you can return to a older save. Sometimes you are trapped in a room with some
monsters until you have killed them all. I have made it like this, because i want
that you fight like a man without camping. You can check out the green or red
light to see if the door is locked or unlocked. There is no stamina limit to keep
the action tight, and you will need to keep running. In this map there is no BFG
and no Soulcube (the soul cube is still available on Nightmare though).

INSTALL: unzip teh_base.zip the teh_base folder with his files into your
Doom 3 folder. After that you should have:

..\Doom 3\teh_base
..\Doom 3\teh_base\teh_base.pk4
..\Doom 3\teh_base\teh_base_readme.txt :)
..\Doom 3\teh_base\guis\assets\splash\lauch.tga

To launch the map, start Doom 3 and click on the 'mods' menu in the Doom 3 main
menu and load it from there. After that you will see a new loading screen and you
can start with 'new game'.

BUGS: after quitting Doom 3 you may get some error messages about some memory but
it doesn't affect the game.

SPECIAL THANKS: to all moderators and members from the forums of

BETATESTER: C.O.P., bloodshed, bkt, dsm


people on both sites helped me many times throughout my mapping work. thx :)

GREETINGS: to all members on www.doom3.de :)
           and to the kackn00b-clan :)

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