Temple of Retribution

Here is an update of my Conversion Temple of Retribution. I fixed some Textures and made an Alternative 2nd Version of the map because of Re...


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Here is an update of my Conversion Temple of Retribution. I fixed some Textures and made an Alternative 2nd Version of the map because of Requests from Members of the Community. The 2nd Version of the Map has now a Chaingun in it instead of the 3rd Plasmagun. Also, I've added some more Armor shards and adjusted the Ammo layout.

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Download 'dm_temple_of_retribution_v11.zip' (25.05MB)

Title                   : Temple_of_Retribution

Author                  : Shamino 
Email Address           : Shamino74656 AT arcor DOT de

Description             : Temple_of_Retribution Conversion from ID´s Quake 3 Arena
			  for the Doom 3 Expansion Pack Resurrection of Evil Only



Unzip the TempleofRetribution.pk4

	  to your C:/DOOM3/base directory.


---Map Information---

Build                   : Original Map is from ID-Software also the Texture Art.

Build Time              : About 2 Month, every day 2-8 hours
			  Conversion took the Program a few Minutes.
			  Working on the extracted Textures 2 Weeks.
			  Correcting all the Conversion errors from the Programm 1 Month
			  All Extracted Textures and the Extracted Map where done from a bought Quake 3 Arena Version.

Update:			Made a Second Version of the Map with a little different Weapon layout.

			Added a Chaingun + ammo to the map and also a few more armor sharts.
			In the Room where you Teleport in, resized the arch so you can now walk on it
			like in quake 3.

			Made some Texture corrections.

Requirements            : DOOM 3 Retail Install and the Expansion Pack Resurrection of Evil
Map Names               : DM_TempleofRetribution.pk4
Game Mode               : Multiplayer, up to 8 players 
New Textures            : yes Original Textures from ID-Software improved with Bumpmaps
New Sounds              : no
New Music               : No
Bugs			: Could not made any Vis-portals to Work on the map but the Performance is ok.
			  In the Room where you get Teleported is on the Right side on the Ceiling a Texture Distortion.
			  Any Models from Quake 3 Arena not included

Tested on the following

			Athlon XP 3200+ 1 Gig Ram Gforce FX5600 256mb ram 640x480 - 1024x768 low to High Quality

			Performance is ok.			

Previous works: 	 Duke Nukem 3D Maps ( no public releases )

			 Unreal, Unreal Tournament 1, UT2k3 ( all no public releases )

			 Doom 3 : DM_Tutorial (Released)
			 	  DM_Wastemyhate (Released)
			 	  DM_Arenagate (Released)
			  	  DM_NoRemorse (Released)
				  DM_NoRegret (Released)
				  DM_OldBase (Released)
				  DM_NewWorld (Released)
				  DM_Crestaverde (Released)
				  Evil_Empire Mappack (Released)

Speacial Thanks:  	   		  	 
			 Thanks to John Carmack to programm, once again, a very Impressive Engine.
			 Thanks to ID Software for the great Quake 3 Arena Maps
			 Thanks to all the People who like my Previous Works and Downloaded my Maps :)
			 Thanks to Daniel Pohl and Matthias Pleines for the Q3toD3 Conversion Programm what made this 1 to 1 
			 Conversion Possible.

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