This map is not for the faint of heart, it is intended for seasoned, Doom3 veterans, and anyone else that can find their way to the download link; Rareg has designed this map to give even the die-hard Doom3 gamer a run for thei money...however, if you're looking for a challenge, and want to be 'tested', (no pun intended) then you are more then welcome to step up and prove that you are a man! (Or a lady...whatever the case may be ;) )

Some changes in this version include: Added 6 new levels plus one secret Added new music Improved balance and design Added bruiser, more powerful You are also sure to enjoy the new textures that have gone into this map, and the fact that the estimated play time for this version is doubled...you're looking at approximately 10 hours to completion!

Eight months of hard work went into all 372 megs of Tested (v3.0), and it shows, the wait time for the download to complete is well worth it! This Doom3: Resurrection of Evil Single Player crowning achievement will have you glued to your monitor from start to finish...can you think of a better way to spend March Break?

Refer to the readme for more information.



Hi greetings from Mexico

Hi friends im back with new hard leves for resurrection of evil
* General Details *

Title           : Tested
Filename        : Tested.pk4
Author          : Rareg
Email Address   : [email protected]
update		: rev 3.0

Description     : Single Player map recommended for veteran players of doom3.


Add 6 new levels (one secret) 
Add new music
improve more balance and desing
Add bruiser more powerful
new play time 10:00 hrs

* Instructions *

 1) Unzip and extract tested.pk4 file into your doom3/base/ directory
 2) Start DooM 3
 3) bring down the game console (default; ctrl + alt + ~)
 4) type in " map tested " to start a game.
 5) i hope you enjoy my map, thanks for play this action map

* Play Information *

Game Type       : Single Player
new textures 	: yes
new models	: no
new def		: yes
new music	: yes
time play       : like 10:00 hrs


* Construction *

Base            : Original
Editor used     : DoomEdit
Computer        : Pentium (R)4 intel 3.2, 2.0 ram, Windows XP, nvidia geforce6800 ultra
		  Note: the map can run apropeately with these characteristics
Known Bugs      : maybe you experiment a little pause in level 9 when appear the fisrt 
		  flying monster(cacodemon, lostsoul) in some area in this map
Build time      : 8 months


thank you very much to all communty players who created and allow the use of their models,
thank you very much, 



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