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We are not dead!

The Project is far from dead, weve just been a little quiet whilst working away. To prove it, heres some new promo foo...


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303.jpg We are not dead!

The Project is far from dead, weve just been a little quiet whilst working away. To prove it, heres some new promo footage. The footage shows the levels we are hoping to release soon, theres still a bit of work to go. Including more sound, more reskins, more models, some brush work and scripting.

With a little more work, we should see you soon with the 1st installment.

|- CODEC: DivX |- Resolution: 720x480 |- Running Time: 3'29" |- Sound: Music + Voice-over

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The Evil promo 9th Jul 2005 -This Video Requires that you have the DiVX codec installed.

Its make or break for the project.
We wanted the project to grow, it started off with me and some 70's horror theme ideas and it grew.Over time i thoughT we would at least solve some of the team problems but this hasnt been the case.Instead of whining about it and folding i learned to texture,script,model and basically learned how the doom3 engine ticks from the art side of things.Its been fun. But at the end of the day , im an amateur at this and without help its seems the amount of work in different fields, most of which i cant do justice too, is overwhelming.
My map design on the project is also suffering due to the fact im stretched in so many areas.There has been a version of The Evil already released internally about 7 months back.Its sucked pretty badly so ive spent the time rethinking and rebuilding the project from the ground up.
So what do i do? Continue working away myself with Enforcer helping out when he can as i have been, or turn my attentions to other mod teams where my talents could be used successfully.

Well this is the dilema im faced with folks.
The mod wouldnt have got this far if it wasnt for Enforcer and D3world with the amazing community which has formed over there.
For those about too Tutorial, we salute you!

As well as creating a lot of the content myself, some community content was used.

Subverse-Modified graffiti texture used
Pbmax- Gravgun code
Daniel Schimmer - compiled skyportal code from d3 xp

I hoPE to get a small release out soon, after that im taking a small break from modding so the project will have to go on the back burner for a while ,that is unless i cant get someone to take over.

Hope you enjoy the promo, remember im a complete amateur and its work in progress as we still havent ironed everything out yet.

Hope to see you with the 1st installment of THE EVIL soon 0:)


Maps Shown in promo are

Jail Escape-Lavaman
The Sewers-Lavaman
The Streets-Lavaman
Lab Intro-Lavaman
Mansion house-Lavaman
Hospital basement-Enforcer

Music,Sound fx,textures,models-Lavaman
Additonal textures for Enforcers levels-Enforcer and Lavaman

lavaman at planetquake dot com

Theevil at planetdoom dot com

Doom3 and its content is the property of Id software.Copyright (c) 2005

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