The Gatehouse

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This is a single player "castle" map for Doom 3 utilizing a whole palette of this developer's medieval-themed textures, models, and particles. evilartist has even provided new ambient sounds that suit this environment well (courtesy of findsounds.com).

The Gatehouse takes place two decades after the events in Doom II. In rural Europe, there have been reports of horrifying stuff going on in some "cursed" castle (something about monsters, chanting, and growling). In light of the recent events involving Hell, Humanity took the initiative and made the first move. A strike team of hardcore marines have been sent in to neutralize whatever it is that is going on in there. At any moment now, you can start regretting choosing this line of work, the only good thing is that you're assigned to cover the entrance...

For the past few hours, you have sat out in the brisk canyon just shy of the drawbridge, listening to the radio chatter of gunfire and growls. Guard duty sucks. Suddenly, you hear pistols firing off in the Gatehouse nearby....

Refer to the readme for additional information.

NOTE TO ALL MEDIEVAL MAPPERS: I am giving full permission to everyone to use my media (textures, models, etc.) for their own new maps, as long as they credit my name in their own readme's. Should any of you need my custom assets, there are additional instructions in my readme file labeled "evilartist001.txt". You need to read ALL of those instructions.



   - = -    The Gatehouse    - = -
Author		: Adam "The Evil Artist" Nichols
Email		: evilartist64208[AT]msn.com

Description	: Single-player map for Doom 3

Special Thanks	: id Software, the Doom3World.org community


(If you find anything that seems wrong with this level, please contact 
me at my email)

1) Unzip the evilartist001.zip to your DOOM3 base directory.
2) Bring down the console.
3) Type: map ghouse
4) Kill everything that moves!

It appeared from out of the mist. 

“Every century, it materializes under the full moon” says the inhabitants of a secluded European village. They say that a dreadful king of demons inhabits this mystical castle and that his curse is what allows this fortress to return every 100 years.

"Nothing but superstitious fairy tales." That’s what people would have thought the last time this anomaly appeared. But things have changed. Two decades ago, Mankind was nearly exterminated by an army of pure evil. This "curse" would not go unnoticed this time!

Mankind needed to act quickly. They did not waste time sending in a recon team to gather intel. Instead, a strike team was immediately dispatched to neutralize whatever threat is lurking inside that mysterious stronghold. After all, we don’t want them(whatever is in there) to make the first move. It’s too risky. 

* * * * *

Hello, Marine! You’ve been assigned to this crummy job. Your squad
has set up camp in a secured Gatehouse at the castle’s main entrance. 
Service lights, beds, and supply crates cover the floors and walls 
of this ancient brick structure.

The past few days has been nonstop killing of any and all demons that lurk in the dark corridors of these looming structures. Most of the squad have ventured deep into the heart of the castle. Only a handful of marines, including yourself, was left to guard the entrance and dungeon perimeter, just in case the demons try to trap you all inside from the only way out.

For the past few hours, you have sat out in the brisk canyon just shy of the drawbridge, listening to the radio chatter of gunfire and growls. Guard duty sucks.

Suddenly, you hear pistols firing off in the Gatehouse nearby. It 
was supposed to be secure! Get the hell back in there and help 
your squadmates! If these monsters are ever allowed to leave the 
premises, Humanity can once again become endangered. The source of this 
threat must be eliminated. Your mission is simple: kill without
question. This place needs to be cleaned up before it becomes 
another Hell-Portal.

	---Map Information---

Build Time              : About 8 months
Requirements            : DOOM 3 Retail & patch 1.3
Map Name                : The Gatehouse
Game Mode               : Single Player
New Textures            : Yes (just about everything, except for the Doom 3 decals)
New Models	      : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes (most from findsounds.com and edited in Goldwave)
New Music               : No
Play Length             : about 20-30 mins.

	---Super Special Thanks---

To my sister Sarah, who not only supports my decision to someday make games for a living, but was kind enough to help test the map.

Thanks to both eVolution and bladeghost from the Doom3World forums for helping me find some suitable ambient sounds. I just barely found the right amount of sounds to breathe life into the atmosphere, save that I had to do a little editing in Goldwave, which is NOT my speciatly. XD

To www.findsounds.com for providing the sound effects.

To the entire Doom3World community.

* I hope I didn't leave anyone out. I apologize to anyone that I have
forgotten to thank.


	---Copyright Information---  **PLEASE READ ALL OF IT**

Please, do not copy my map into any of your mods or map packs. Do not use it as a base for new maps, either. Please make your own work.

You can, however, use the custom textures, models, particles, and sounds to your liking without contacting me for permission. All I ask of you is to credit my name in any documentation included along with the release of your new medieval map. Also, when making a new map using my custom assets, do NOT include them with your pk4. Instead, provide a URL link to where the Gatehouse will be hosted so that people can download all the required custom media from there. I just want to avoid any hassle or confusion.

Do not use my map or any of my custom assets for profit.

Do not use any of the sound effects I have obtained from findsounds.com FOR PROFIT without contacting their website's moderators first.

Websites may distribute this file via internet only if the 'evilartist001.txt' document and 'evilartist001.pk4' file included are intact and unaltered. If you wish to distribute my work any other way, please contact me at the email above for permission.


Have any feedback? You can contact me at my email address. Please try to limit it to just map design critique. I'm not an expert at making textures, static models, or sound design. This will become apparent once you play through my map. XD

April 2, 2008


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