The Hellish Complex [THC] Map

A twisted, murky pathway of fate. The Hellish Complex is the largest user-made MP map to date, at least publically published. It's ch...


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A twisted, murky pathway of fate. The Hellish Complex [THC] is the largest user-made MP map to date, at least publically published. It's chock full of darkened rooms, hallways, secrets, weapons, powerups, items, and introduces the chainsaw naturally, to MP mode, without further unnecessary modifications. There's an turkey puncher 3 online arcade room, several hidden weapons, great spots to hide in, introduces alot more spawn points, trecherous hallways, that will inevitably lead you to someone else. You'll need to make use of all the controls, including crouching, jumping, running, and strafing. The Hellish Complex, full of flickering lights, and no ambiance sounds to add to the interruption of total and utter deathmatch beauty.

That's right, you can hear someone walking, firing a pistol, reloading, etc . . .

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The Hellish Complex - [Doom 3]

.PK4 Format

Thanks for downloading my THC level.


//To play online, simply put the 810.pk4 in your Doom 3/base folder, 
and look for others who have the level, or just create a server and wait for people to come in.// 

//The level is very intensely lit, and provides a "hellish" atmosphere. Basically all high resolution 
bump mapped textures were used, so if you have an older computer, you may experience massive slowdown.

I wrote the geometry for this on a Pentium 4 2.8c / 784MB PC3200 / 128MB NVidia GEFORCE FX 5200.

//It looks quite good, for my first map, I could never figure out Radiant, so props to the guys who made those.//
video tutorials.//

//Anyhow, have fun, and you can read what's in it below.//


The Hellish Complex

* Weapons
MP Chainsaw
MP Pistol
MP Fists
MP Plasma
MP Chaingun
MP Machine Gun
MP Shotgun

* Items
MP MedKit
MP Medkit_Small

* Powerups
Beserker :D

* Entities
Turkey Puncher 3 Arcade Game
Various swinging lights
Hell Chains

While supporting mainly Deathmatch, it also supports all other modes, including Team Deathmatch, Tourney, and Last Man.

I added an arcade room, where people could just compete in Turkey Puncher. There are three of them, ana a broken one.

I'm glad it's done, cause I'm really tired. It's taken 80+ hours to finish, but it's great. Have fun!

To be honest, it looked like crap before I added all the other stuff like cover panels.

A huge ass thank you to ID software, and the intellectual genius, John Carmack, for his unbelievable engine and algorithms.

Thanks to for taking me on as the news editor, and letting me host my map news. Also big thanks to Doom3Files for hosting this.

Don't forget to stop by and leave how you feel about the level in the forums. Peace.

- Sniperdude

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