The Mine

You are a marine stationed at a remote mining facility on Mars. The job is boring but someone has to do it. Today you need to inspect carg...


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You are a marine stationed at a remote mining facility on Mars. The job is boring but someone has to do it. Today you need to inspect cargo arriving from all the way across Mars from Mars City. So you get up and prepare for another boring day, hoping that something interesting will happen.


- Faulty GUI fixed. - A few rooms were added; still no real gameplay tho'.

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The Mine - SP WIP
Version Alpha 1.1
Date: 10-26-2005
Author: Thomas 'strongtom' Pasqualucci

Works on both Vanilla Doom (Pretty sure) and ROE.


1. Extract the .pk4 file to the base folder of your Doom 3 directory.

2. Fire up Doom and open up the console using Control + Alt + `.

3. Now just type in 'map themine' (without quotes) at the prompt and hit enter.  The map will load and enjoy!

I'm still in the process of constructing most of the parts, but there is some areas that are done and I wanted some constructive criticism on how my level is turning out.  There are many many things incomplete that won't make sense exactly, there isn't any flow to speak of yet.  I just want people to poke around my map and give me comments.  The story is as written above and Hell attacks the mining station about the same time as it does the main Mars base.  There is no 'explosion' of Hell like in the original Doom 3 because the mine is too far away from the main Mars base.  Instead, there are demons on the outside of the base trying to get in and this theme is followed through the level.  Naturally you need to stop them.

There are two 3 digit keypad codes in the map.  They are both 123, I haven't put in the pda's or clues to let the player know what the codes are yet.

There are a few locked doors and they do have guis that unlock them so find them!

For the bridge (you will see) you need to use noclip to float over the gap to the other side, although there isn't much over on that side, its still a work in progress you know!

Changes from last version

1.1 - Added the guis I modified to the .pk4.


Much appreciated!!! Email me at strongtom86 AT or just leave a post at the Maps WIP forum where you got the map.

If by some strange chance you find that something in my map looks good to you and you wanna use it too, feel free to.  If you are gonna use my gunrack or ammocase codes or design (originals!), just let me know and it would be nice to mention me too.

Thanks to for giving gamers a place to try their hand at level design and maybe learn a thing or two.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me in the forums, I have learned those lessons well and I won't forget them!

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