The Real Nightmare

If either Doom 3 was too easy for you even on the highest difficulty setting or if having to choose between the flashlight and the weapon so...


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If either Doom 3 was too easy for you even on the highest difficulty setting or if having to choose between the flashlight and the weapon sounded like a real injustice, then you may like this mod.

Features: - adds a flashlight to most weapons - changes weapons stats; in general, they will sustain less damage and inflige more to enemies - doubles stamina of most enemies


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by SoulReaper
e-mail: [email protected]

Very special thanks to 

Junkguy				/
[email protected]	       |  for his ungibbable mod			\

Noni				/
[email protected]		\ for his stupid gunlights 1.0

DUCT TAPE 0001			/	\ for his duct tape

John 'Cryect' Rittenhouse	/
[email protected]			\ for the pistol flashlight mod 0.1

and all the others I forgot for inspiring me to this mod.


I created this mod for everyone who needs more challenge or just likes to cheat, because

now you maybe have to cheat. The changes are:

1. There is no gibbing anymore. Not even the BFG or the Rocketlauncher can gib the enemy.

2. Added flashlight to Pistol, Shotgun, Machinegun, Chaingun, Plasmagun and BFG.

Now for the special weapon changes.

Fists changes:		damage lowered from 20 to 5

Pistol changes:		clipsize raised from 12 to 15
			damage lowered from 14 to 10

Shotgun changes:	clipsize raised from 8 to 10
			spread raised from 22 to 44
			damage lowered from 14 to 10

Machinegun changes:	clipsize lowered from 60 to 50
			spread raised from 1 to 5
			damage lowered from 9 to 8  (just a little ´cuz there should be more damage than by the fists)

Chaingun changes:	clipsize raised from 60 to 100 (I just thought 60 is not really a chain)
			spread raised from 5 to 10
			damage lowered from 20 to 15

Plasmagun changes:	clipsize lowered from 50 to 30
			damage lowered from 16 to 12

Rocketlauncher changes:	spread lowered from 1 to 0
			damage lowered from 170 to 100

BFG changes:		clipsize lowered from 4 to 1
			damage lowered from 200 to 150

Chainsaw changes:	damage lowered from 50 to 25

And last but not least: I doubled the health of almost every enemy.


Copy real_nightmare.pk4 into the base directory (for example c:\games\doom 3\base).
Run DOOM 3.

If you load a savegame it will start from the beginning of the level.
If you want to remove the changes of (for example) the BFG just open the real_nightmare.pk4 with winrar and delete the weapon_bfg files in both directories.

------------Why have I done this mod----------------

I know this mod is really unfair makes the game a lot harder if you´re not cheating.

One of my friends is a real pro in those ego shooting games. He finished Doom 3 within 2 
days (difficulty Veteran) without cheating. He wanted a higher challenge and that´s why I
created this mod.

And once again special thanks to those who created the weapon flashlight mods and to those
who created the ungibbing mods.


I tested it and everthing should work. If you find any bugs please contact me.

[email protected]

Well guys (and girls maybe), have fun with that little mod.

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