The Skeletal Passage | Full



Keeping true to his word, benny_jay has released his pack which starts you out on the base, he has also edited Parts 1 and 2, which means, this is a whole new experience! Another bonus with this download is that, aside from receiving the re-worked versions of the first two released maps and the base map (where you will start from), you also get the third part, which finishes off The Skeletal Passage adventure.

This whole adventure starts off with your trip to Mars, where you come across a teleporter that appears to be unknown to the rest of the populous; Now, even though curiosity killed the cat, we can assume that you either never heard of this saying before, or you are not a cat person... With the ending of the first part, you start off the second by venturing through another portal...the only thought that occupies your mind at this time is: when you will escape this place? Taking a moment to gather yourself, and prepare for the worse, you notice that there is a gate in front of you...and a second thought then emerges..."I wonder what lies beyond?" Sadly, the only way to know for sure is to wait for your download to finish, and fire up The Skeletal Passage | Full!



The Skeletal Passage (FULL) - Read Me

E-MAIL: [email protected]

I worked pretty hard on all of these maps. I hope you enjoy this map pack.

You get teleported to this strange passage filled with monsters, and you must escape back to mars by getting to the end.

You went to mars and you saw a teleporter no one told you about. You, being the curious person you are, stepped into the teleporter and you ended up in this strange place. You must now journey to the end of this place to return to mars...hopefully.

1) Extract the PK4 file to your doom 3 base folder.
2) Extract the BAT file (should have an icon that looks like gears inside a window) to your doom 3 directory (not base, the the doom 3 folder)
3) Make a shortcut to the BAT file by setting up a shortcut from your desktop. (don't just put the file in the desktop. the file must be in the doom 3 folder to work, so it has to be a shortcut.)
4) Start the BAT file and it should start up doom 3 and send you directly to the map.
*alternative* bring down the console (press alt + ctrl + ~) and type "map tsp" (without quotations) and hit enter.

by downloading this the_skeletal_passage(full).zip you agree that it and its contents are my exclusive property and that you may not alter, distribute or include it in other works without my express consent.

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