The Ultimate Hell Campaign

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This is the final version of the Hell Campaign. It has total of 4 episodes. The first is called Entrance to Hell and is comprised of 9 mini maps. The second is called Journey through Hell and has 6 mini maps. The third is called Escape from Hell and has 5 mini maps. The fourth is one large map and is the Return to Hell map.

There had been issues with missing textures and missing waves files and survival map in the Journey episode not working after the archvile is killed. Now all the maps are in series and if the files are placed in the right folders, hopefully everything will work. Please let me know is there are any missing sounds (the symptom is the annoying whining pitch in the background) or missing textures (symptom is black walls, floor and such) or missing models or monsters (symptom is a small black box sitting there in the map). Or if you get stuck in any level (esp. hell museum or survival).

PLEASE rate the map and if it is crap say so, if you like some parts say so, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is HUGELY appreciated.


- More enemies (hence the Hardcore label) - A bit less ammo, still more then enough to get the job done - Optimized and retextured and redone the sounds and connected all the maps. - It should work for everyone now - Total playtime is 3-4 hours depending on how one plays

NOTE: A patch is available for this file. Download it here.



The Fixed and Redone (Hardcore) Hell Campaign

The Final version (hopefully)
For all the lovers of Hell maps. 

by Raheel Shahid

Hi everyone.


1. Unzip the sp_hc_final.zip file.

2. Place the Q3Textures.pk4, Q2textures.pk4 and pak011.pk4 files in the BASE folder of Doom 3. 

3. Make a new folder called Hell Campaign in your Doom 3 folder and place the Hardcore Hell Campaign.pk4 file in it AND also in the BASE folder to make sure EVERYTHING works (ie  models and monsters). 

4. Delete all other old hell campaign, entrance to hell, journey through hell, return to hell files.

The campaign is launched by going in to the mods and selecting Hell Campaign mod. Launch a new game, select the difficulty level and KICK DEMON ASS.


Obi-Wan for the shamblers and E3 models, Kaiser for playstation wave files, the makers of the 3 different cyberdemon variations, the maker of spectre pinky, guys who made quake 2 and quake 3 textures available on filefront. Tron (Matthew) of the www.3dgamersedge.com for his valuable feedback and patience with me, all the others who contacted me for feedback, striderdm1 for his encouraging comments, helpful feedback and enthusiasm. Filefront esp. bluehair for his patience with me, all the guys who posted tutorials on all the doom 3 and modding websites.

PLEASE let me know if something does not work. There is a total of 21 mini, medium and large maps and they all have their loading screens. 

PLEASE rate the map and if it is crap say so, if you like some parts say so, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is HUGELY appreciated.

I have spent months fine tuning this, it is still amateur and has no scripts, cinematics and spline business. It is more like doom 1 and 2 really with emphasis on action.

Thanks for playing,

Raheel Shahid 


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