They Still Walk

I'm using the story from the comic book/animation I made a few years ago called They Still Walk. Originally, it was supposed to be a mini 3...


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I'm using the story from the comic book/animation I made a few years ago called They Still Walk. Originally, it was supposed to be a mini 3D movie project, but due to financial and resource limits, the idea was then made into a comic book and a series of flash animation. Currently, I am trying to recreate it using the Doom 3 engine for nostaligia (and the delight of friends).

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They Still Walk
Story Year: 2000
Doom3 Year: Nov 19, 2005
Author: Adeno
Contact: adamasadamas AT hotmail DOT com
Episode: Pilot


  It starts out a night after the initial zombie attacks, and 
lots of people are still confused. The dead coming back to life
should only happen in movies, but it is happening all over the
world. People cry in a sincere tone, that this is indeed, judgment
day. Others are of course in panic, trying to save themselves from
their former loved ones trying to tear their flesh off to feed.

  In a church that has been converted into a temporary military 
base, Father Adeno contemplates within himself about what's happening
all over the globe. Has the god he is serving definitely got fed
up with the sins of the world, finally deciding to rid of it in the
most horrific way? Is it really judment day or is there simply no more
room in hell? Where are the angels, the soldiers of Heaven, when
they are supposed to save the innocent during judgment day? Most of all, 
where is god?
  Definitely Hell is now on earth, and Heaven is still somewhere in the sky.
The evils of Hell are killing every living creature on their path, leaving
a sea of blood, with chunks of what were once human, on their trail, and 
those who have fallen to the evil, become evil. Earth is becoming Hell.

  There are no angels, but there are demons. The victim are the beings of 
this world. Who will save them? Fear has already condemned them to death,
and death shall bring them back as part of the great evil. Only a few dare
to fight back, and those few have realized that the final winner between
the battle of good and evil shall not be determined by god and the devil, 
but by man and the devil.

Episode 1:

  On the second night after the zombies have started appearing, the military
forces of the world have combined and scattered all throughout the land. A 
very confused priest tries to assess what's happening all around him. In his
mind, he was trying to get answers from the god that he served. He only hears
silence in his mind, but that's not the same outside of the church.

  The church of Saint Anthony has been converted into a temporary military base,
but it was becoming clearly unsafe due to the massive zombie numbers outside. The
church once housed holy people and relics, now, they have been replaced by nervous
soldiers and guns. The church was also opened to the public all day long, but now,
every possible exit has been boarded up to prevent the unwanted zombies from 

  Father Adeno was in deep thought when he remembered it was almost time to leave 
the safety of the church and to join the evacuees going to the Health Center. He
checked his PDA one last time and re-read the two e-mails he got on the first 
day of the zombie attacks. He couldn't imagine how the Cardinal Savini saw the
event as a beautiful thing. After checking everything, Father Adeno decided to
get ready for departure. The soldiers in the church were also ready, and they
advised Father Adeno to take a gun because they cannot look out for him all the


1. Place tswep1.pk4 in your Doom3/base folder.
2. Make sure your Doom3 shortcut has in the Target field:
   'C:\Program Files\Doom 3\DOOM3.exe' +set com_allowconsole 1
   This allows you to access the console by pressing '~' (tilde) in the game.
3. Run Doom3.
4. Press the tilde '~' key to bring down the console.
5. Type in 'map tswep1' and then press enter to start the first episode of
   They Still Walk.

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