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This mod was made as an experience, in order to try and put in practice a concept I came up with. What this initial version does, is...


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This mod was made as an experience, in order to try and put in practice a concept I came up with. What this initial version does, is to enable crosshairs while in third-person mode, by having them projected from the weapon onto the game surfaces.

A self-executable configuration file is also included, which allows for changing between first-person and third-person views, and changing the position of the camera, with simple key presses (refer to item 3 - usage - in this readme.).

Please, keep in mind that this initial version of the mod is not perfect, and is thus not supposed to be used for "serious", competitive play. it is mostly an experience, and awaits input from more experienced coders in order to fix its flaws. However innacurate, I consider the crosshairs to be an imprivement, anyway, over playing the game with no crosshair at all.

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Third Person View mod (version 0.1)
by S0LAR

0. Authoring & other legal stuff:

All code and scripting used belongs to id software. 
The mod is partially based on the code changes present in the "varilight 1.1" mod 
by BOFH (which, in turn is based on the popular "Duct Tape" mod by Glen Murphy).

The crosshair graphics were made by myself, and are my own designs (except the 
laser dot on the pistol which is... well, a red dot). As their creator, I ask that they are 
not used or copied in any shape or form without my consent.

2. Known Issues

The crosshairs are not stable. because they're projected from the weapon's barrel, 
they move around a lot as the character animates. The crosshairs on the machinegun, 
plasmagun and, to a lesser extent the chaingun, will move off their way while you 
shoot a sustained burst. The crosshairs will also move downward while the player 
runs, making them all but useless in these situations. 

Another issue is that you will not see these crosshairs will not show up while in 
first-person mode (which is OK, they were not intended to show, anyway), 
except for the rocket launcher's crosshair, which is very off-centered, but shows 
up in first-person mode. if you look at a mirror, you'll likely see the crosshairs 
in the weapons, pointing to the player's side.

The player's idle weapon animations had to be cut, as they only made the 
crosshair positioning problem worse.

An exception to all these problems is the BFG. For some reason unknown to me, 
it works perfectly in all situations, and it even shows up with good alignment while 
in first-person mode.

- Incompatibilities: The mod will now work correctly in conjunction with mods 
that change the weapon .def files, the weapon scripts, or the player.def file. 
Some examples would be weapons which add flashlights to weapons, mods 
which change weapon properties (damage/rate of fire/etc), and the 
Ultra-extreme-quality mod, which makes some changes on the player.def.

3. Installation & usage

Install the mod by unpacking the files contained in the zip onto your 
doom3/ folder. This will install the mod's .pk4 file (which contains 
the weapon definitions, scripts and crosshair graphics) and the autoexec.cfg 
file, which sets the keys used to manipulate the game's camera (see below). 

If you're and experienced user, and already have an autoexec.cfg file, you could 
open the .cfg contained herein and copy/paste the contents onto your own 
autoexec.cfg. if the keys bound are already used, you can substitute them for
others, in that same file.

In order to use the mod, go to the "mods" menu in the game's main menu, choose 
"3rdperson" and click on "load mod"

Camera control: camera control is exerted by pressing the following keyboard keys:
INSERT= first-person view
DELETE= third-person view
HOME= view player from the front
END= view player from the back
PAGE UP= camera close to player
PAGE DOWN= camera far from player


I would like to ask experienced coders/scripters who could help the betterment of 
this mod to contact me and take part in the project. Following are the intendedd 
improvements/feature additions:

- Crosshair stability: have the crosshairs not go off-target while shooting or 
running. If all crosshairs behaved as the BFG's do, this problem would be solved.
- Soulcube crosshair: I haven;t been able to add the crosshair for the soulcube in 
the game. I know it's kind of a self-guided weapon, but I've designed a very nice 
crosshair for it, and I'd hate to see it go to waste ; )
- Crosshair full-brights: have the crosshairs appear at full-bright color, no matter what surface they're being pointed upon would help fighting in low-light areas.
- Player model transparency: it would be interesting if the player model could be 
made semi-transparent with a key press. this would have no effect on gameplay, 
but would help the player aim at certain targets directly in front of him, which are 
currently obscured by his body. of course, this could only be used in single-player 
or co-op games.
- Third-person HUD: maybe a more difficult than the other features. Making it 
possible to see the HUD from third-person view would make the game playable almost 100% of the time from third-person perspective. (manipulating in-game
monitors would probably still require first-person view)


Pencil & paper to design the crosshairs, AutoCAD and Paintshop Pro to draw them, 
Notepad to make the needed alterations in the game's configuration and scripting. 
A lot of patience was needed, too, since the crosshairs had to be calibrated through 
the use of trial-and-error (almost as much error as trial).


Thanks go to id for making the game, and to Cryect and XERXES_II from the 
PlanetDOOM Forums for giving hints on how to calibrate the crosshairs.


s0lar_d00m AT yahoo DOT com

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