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An interesting SinglePlayer Mod to say the least; Thy Flesh Consumed DOOM3 version is just what it says, a return to yesterday...using todays tools; This mod is based on the original Thy Flesh Consumed which made it's appearance in the gaming world after the first Doom, but before the release of Doom II, around April, 1995. For those of you wondering what exactly this download is all about, here is the best explanation I can find that paints an accurate picture what this mod is based on:

"Story-wise, the episode is both a sequel to Doom and a prequel to Doom II. It chronicles the Doomguy's battles against the legions of demons that the Spider Mastermind had sent through the doorway between Hell and Earth, the very same gateway that the player had earlier used to return to his home planet. (It is presumed that that there are two distinct regions of "Hell". The first is what the Deimos moon floats over and where Episode 3: Inferno takes place. The second is the marine's home of Earth which will undergo terraformation at the hands of demons and become a Hell in is own right.) Ultimately, though the player is victorious and avenges the death of his pet rabbit Daisy, it turns out to be a Pyrrhic victory as the demons eventually overrun the major cities and the stage is set for Hell on Earth." -Source

If you're into the retro scene, or if you want to reminisce...or maby you just want to play the kind of game that your father played back in the day...whatever your reasons are, this is definately worth the price of a free download! Get in the non-existent line up now and start enjoying yesterday's look!

Refer to the readme for more information.




FILENAME		: doomep4.pk4

AUTHOR		: Masakatue Fukuda

EMAIL ADDRESS	: Gaynor[AT]hotmail.co.jp

DATE			: January 11th, 2008

GAME			: Doom 3 Singleplay



I made it from stage 1 to 9 now. Please enjoy it.

mod which I made is not redistributed in cd, dvd, the others. 

I do not do the sale either.
Perhaps the revision does not have more than this in the circumstances of the author. 

Without if you expect it since cannot expect my revision,

you notifying me of the name of the author of mod that it was it for the cause as long as can be in the Read Me of mod permit it that remodel it, 

and distribute it. 

Because if mod which I made stops thereby in the further high place, 

I am the greatest for an author and do not need to be glad.


1. Extract "doomep4.pk4" into your doom3\base director

2. Start the game

3. Bring down the console with "Ctrl"+"Alt"+"^"

4. Type: "map doomep4"

5. Enjoy!

How to Uninstall-

1. Simply delete this pk4 file.

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