Time Cop

You are about to become the first human to make a trans-solar teleportation jump. Your target will be the planet Mars. The UAC has finally b...


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You are about to become the first human to make a trans-solar teleportation jump. Your target will be the planet Mars. The UAC has finally been regulated after investigations reviled how close they brought mankind to extinction. Almost 5 years ago you where there when the project's they where working on went horribly wrong. Luckily you where there to set things straight. We have recently been informed that the UAC may have been working on or may have completed a time displacement field converter. This work has been deemed illegal for over 35 years for obvious reasons. Human tests on the trans-solar teleportation unit where scheduled to begin in 3 to 6 weeks. The UAC has put off the test 4 times now for safety concerns which given there past, is considered suspicious. We have felt for some time now, that the trans-solar unit may tie into the time travel technology in some way but until yesterday we could not verify our suspicions. At 10:35 am an encrypted message was intercepted by SAT38 on channel 3465. It gave detailed results and effects of subatomic particles after being displaced 10 days. After an exhaustive internal trial here at the United Nations we have come to the conclusion this work must be stopped immediately at all cost before permanent damage is done. You are hereby ordered to kill all technicians and scientists involved with the outpost conducting this research. Depending on there grasp of the TDFC theories, they may know you are on the way. Due to your outstanding reputation, you are the only one considered for this mission.

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Download 'timecop11.zip' (16.99MB)

To install, place all the files in the  .zip into the MAP directory of your DOOM3 directory

 Then run the game as usual. After starting DOOM3 press the ctrl+alt+tiled buttons at the same time. ( tiled is usually the button directly under Esc  with a  ~  mark on it)

 When the console drops down type     map TimeCop

 I dont know if it will work with any mods but I know it works best on my computer with out any 'tweaks'

I am running a : 

 P4 2.4 GHz 533 bus
 ATI Radion 9800 pro with 128 megs
 1 Gig of 2700 RAM

 This was posted as just a map a few weeks ago and I got some good advice on how to make it run alot smoother 
(Thanks GLYPH)
 I also added another level (part 2) and lots of sounds and made many lighting changes.
 Thanks again to everyone that makes all those great tutorials
This work has about 4 to 6 weeks of full time editing involved.
Feel free to distribute the TimeCop maps  so long as the TimeCop.txt is included and not changed in any way. Please ask for permition before publishing or posting any part, or parts of this work.
Any donations will ensure further work. 5 or 10 bucks would help a bunch ! Paypal account is QIXXXX@aol.com

Email me at   rekomstopa@aol.com     with questions or comments.
Thanks for playing and have a BLAST

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