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Gives you some AI controlled buddies to fight through single player with. With great vengeance. This release is split into two parts,...


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Gives you some AI controlled buddies to fight through single player with. With great vengeance. This release is split into two parts, the core files and the modified single player maps. If you don't have one of them you can hunt them down here: http://www.gpdownloads.co.nz/cat.dyn/Doom_3/Mods

And now for the features:

- A spawned ally will follow you by default and attack enemies. Like a good boy scout. - Ally will get out of the way if you push into him into him. Because he knows who's boss. - Ally will retreat if an enemy gets too close. - 'Talking' to an ally while there are no enemies will do several things * Toggle whether he follows you or not. * Print status information to the console * Heal him 50Hp.

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Download 'tinman_squad_v03beta.zip' (98KB)

TinMan Squad - An Allies Mod for Doom III
Version: 0.3 Beta
Date: 2004-09-26
Author: murd"realism" Hansen aka The gamer formally know as Boots

See changelog.txt for more information on improvements.

= Using the Mod =
1. Installation: Create a folder inside the Doom 3 folder called tinman_squad and unzip the files into it. 

2. Loading the mod: Run Doom 3 and choose TinMan Squad from the Mods menu

3. Start a new game - at least veteran difficulty to give some fodder for your guys.
	Or load a game (the save file will likely revert to the start of the level).
	TIP: You can type:
	g_skill 2
	at the console to set the skill level to veteran.

4. If you want to add allies bring down the console
	TIP: use the CTRL-ALT-TILDE (~) keys to access the console.
 	And type in any of the following commands to spawn an ally:
		vstr ally_mg
		vstr ally_sg
		vstr ally_ps
		vstr ally_sh
  For the machine gunner, shot gunner, pistolier and pistolier with shield respectively.
  Or any of these:
		vstr ally_romanov
		vstr ally_sho
		vstr ally_evans 
  For some specific characters.
  These commands are set in ally.cfg so have a look if you want to customise names, heads and health.
	TIP: ally.cfg is a plain text file, so you can use notepad to edit it.
	TIP: You can also bind these commands to any key you desire:
		bind x vstr ally_mg
	Where x is the key you want set.
5. Wreak vengeance upon the demon hoards, 'cause they're baddies!

= Problems = 
Being a mod that's still in the early stage means there some things you should look out for. Apart from the demons trying to tear you limb from limb.
In the default single player maps there are some areas the AI can't follow you into, but as the mod progresses I will release more modified maps.
, and if you have more than one guy spawned be prepared to do gymnastics to get past them.
Better yet before going into any dead end areas that you know you tell them stop right there misters.
If you are absolutely positively stuck use the command "noclip" at the console to be able to move through walls/them and type it again when you're in a better spot.
Or just quicksave a lot so you can quickload if you get stuck. First you save the world, then you save yourself..

= Feedback =
You can mail tinman_squad at hotmail dot com

= Distribution =
My releases are initially hosted at http://www.gpdownloads.co.nz/ I like them a lot.
However I realise people will probably put it up on other sites, just keep the !!.zip unmodified. Sweet.

= Modifying =
If you use any of my ugly hacked up code in your own mod or it heals you, just give me credit (my precious) and a link to the original .zip. Pretty please with shotguns on top.

= Thanks to =
All the people sending feedback on how they enjoyed the mod and problems they had.
id Software for making Doom3 (I still haven't finished it), true it's all been done before but it's also classic id and just plain class all the way.
Oh and thanks id for making the script plain text and thus hooking me into making this.
And again for the map files.
ReKTeK for creating the UAC Sentry mod, which got me a thinkin'
NomisGnos and Altroth Akenzie for creating similar mods and thus spurring me on.
iceheart for compiling id's script comments into a spreadsheet, an invaluable resource in these pre SDK days.
Egor from Gameplanet for bowing to my demands, I mean contant badgering, being a good bloke for allowing hosting.

= Final Thoughts = 
This is the second general release of TinMan Squad, I mainly focused on making it more playable, so there aren't any real bells and whistles since last version. The mod still apears eye gougingly rough to me, but if I listened to my inner critic all the time I wouldn't release anything.
I've learnt a lot while working towards this version and I can see more clearly that I may be able to complete all my ideas for the mod or die trying. However another thing I learnt is that it will take a long time.
I'm still having fun, which is the goodness.

= And I'm Done =
Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.

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