Toilet Scene



This is an attempt to remake the toilet room from the beta version of DOOM 3. I made it because I wanted to experience the scene as i saw in a video ages ago but they didn't put it in the game so i tried it my self. I'm submitting it because I don't think anyone else has tried to share the toilet scene yet and i thought some people might enjoy it.

Oh by the way it's my first mod so it probably has a few bugs. The hardest thing to make was the lightswing.




By Justin

--General stuff--
Title Toilets
File name Map_Toilets
Author Justin
Email dwayndibly AT hotmail DOT com

Extract files found in the document 'toilets' into your directory C:\Program 

Files\Doom 3\base\maps

Now load doom 3 and bring down the console by holding Ctrl+Alt+¬ and type=
dmap maps/toilets
Press enter and wait a bit then bring down the console again and type=
map toilets
And it should load, if not then ask me but i probably wont know why.
if you don't know what the ¬ symbol is, its on the left of the 1 key.

--Legal Stuff--
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels unless you ask me for permission first

You MAY distribute these files as long as you include this file without any modifications.

You may use this level to learn from.

--i like doom 1, 2 and 3--

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