Tower of Babel Redux

What started as a simple test map for a mortal cyberdemon mod I made in an evening has somehow made its way into becoming a fully fledged ma...


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What started as a simple test map for a mortal cyberdemon mod I made in an evening has somehow made its way into becoming a fully fledged map. Its layout is inspired from the original DOOM level "E2M8" yet it doesn't really look like it, nor does it play like it. Actually, the real aim was to dispel the general consensus that the Cyderdemon is a wimp as it was in vanilla DOOM 3.

Cyderdemon Changes:

- Firstly, the new Cyb has much more health (I mean MUCH more, a realistic amount for what the demon is supposed to be). See the technical bit at the bottom for more information.

- Secondly, it no longer shoots its rubbish little cyb_rockets, instead it now mirrors its original cousin in so much that it shoots the same rockets the player does. If you've played multiplayer, you'll know just how much one hit of these hurts, and it's a lot. In other words, if you get close to the cyb, you're history.

- Thirdly, you don't have infinite stamina this time. This presents a tactical problem because when you're out of stamina, the cyb is quicker than you, so be careful and only run when you need to.

I hope the above changes make the map a real challenge, but not in a silly way. Anyway, even though the map is finished, it ain't polished so should you have any suggestions about improving its look, let me know! Basically, besides the architecture just about everything can be changed reasonably easily, so any suggestions are more than welcome.

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Readme for the Tower of Babel Redux

By Bauul

To run
Unzip the pk4 (babelredux.pk4) and place it in the base directory of your Doom 3 folder.  Then, when in game, bring down the console and type "map babelredux" (without the "s)

Technical Stuff 
The map is pretty heavy on the fps just because of it's nature as a huge open area.  I've done everything I can to keep the fps up, and it varies between 20 and 30 on my modest rig (2.666 (seriously) GHz P4, 512 DDR, 9800 Pro 128 Mb), so it should be ok on most.

The new cyb has a health value of 20,000, which may seem an awful lot, but when all you're doing is shooting him with rockets it drops pretty quickly.  There are 200 rockets on the map (210 including the ones you start with) and it takes just over half these to down the boss.  Also, there is no health on this version, makes it a bit fairer on the cyb.

There are two known bugs in this version.
Firstly, the new cyb produces an error in the console, but it is benign and has no effect on the vanilla game.  Basically I've altered the vanilla material file to include a burn away for the cyb ragdoll, but as the vanilla game never uses the cyb ragdoll, this changes nothing.  I'd do a custom material, but I simply couldn't get the ragdoll to work correctly, it kept going stiff and falling through the floor, if anyone knows why please let me know.

Secondly, if you're very quick, it's possible to make it back inside the starting room when the doors close, where you'll find yourself stuck.  In the final version I'll spawn some clip boxes to stop this.

Oh, and there's some Z fighting at a few places too, anywhere you spot it, let me know.

All feedback is very welcome.

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