Ice_Trey has sent in his first ever mod which will tweak the most popular weapon in Doom 3! If you are unhappy with the style, look...


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Ice_Trey has sent in his first ever mod which will tweak the most popular weapon in Doom 3! If you are unhappy with the style, look or feel of the stock shotgun, and you think it sounds kind of wimpy when you shoot at the baddies, then this download is just what you're looking for! Don't hesitate, get yours now!

Among the tweaks made to this weapon are: New firing sounds New reload sounds The angle of the shotgun has been changed a little It now shoots faster A working dryfire sound has been added

Don't get caught running around with that stock sissy-gun, get your hands on this pimped out version...and start tearing up the Doom 3 universe! Protect yourself with the ultimate modified shotgun...who nows, the life you save may be your own.

Refer to the readme for installation instructions and more information.

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Download '' (912KB)

The Ice Trey Shotgun Mod

by Ice Trey (AKA ?)
contact - Sweetandtenderhooligan69 AT


Thank you for trying it out!


Installation - put the Treyshotgun.pk4 in your Base folder,
to uninstall, just delete that .pk4, simple a that :)


Okay, this is my very first mod ever,
a very simple one, its my tweaked shotgun,
THE essential weapon of Doom 3 (and any
other FPS game), it has new firing sounds,
new reload sounds, I changed the angle of the
shotgun a little, it now shoots faster
(almost twice as fast as the default 1.333 setting,
for reference a trained SWAT Officer is able to fire
5 rounds in about 1.5 seconds), reloads faster
but none of that silly "2 shells at once",
1 shell at a time, i just increased the reload speed a tad,
it has 16 pellets with a spread of 8,5,
still i think 8,5 is a tad too much, but i know
most people dont like a too narrow spread setting
so im going with 8,5, it also has a working dryfire
sound, the sound is mine but the script code kudos
goes to Dafama2k7, check out his "Unpredictable D3NewAI" mod :)
Oh and btw to get the dryfire to work, you must put
"Auto reload" to a NO in the menu.
I also included a couple of nice gloves, the credit for them
goes to Faiakes, who also helped me out with hints and support,
check out his stuff too :)
I also wanna say thank you to Clone JC Denton
for invaluable support and help, he also has a mod
here called Dentons SDK-based Enhancement,
check it out !
As a "bonus" theres also some new ammo pickup sounds
for the shotgun and the machinegun.

As this is my very first mod, i cannot guarantee its totally
bugfree, i tried it out a lot and i didnt notice anything

Comments, love letters, bribes and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is appreciated,
see above for mail addy

This mod cannot be, in any way or form, put on a cd
for profit gain, if you wanna use it in your own mod you can
do so, as long as this readmeh.txt is in it,
unaltered, but I would appreciate a mail, pretty please with
this shotgun on top ! :) 

Happy fraggin !!

**Ice Trey**

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