Trite Breeding Facility Plus

This is the extended version of the first community released DOOM 3 map, Trite Breeding Facility. I have added a whole...


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This is the extended version of the first community released DOOM 3 map, Trite Breeding Facility. I have added a whole new section to the D-Sector which was a door that was just there for the sake of making the facility look larger. Now you can explore this area, which also extends the gameplay to somewhen between 45' ~ 1hr depending on your gaming skills. Also, if you are curious as to what my current venture is in modding, look for a secret within the level ... :)

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----The first originally created Single Player user map for DOOM 3----
Title                   : Trite Breeding Facility Plus

Author                  : Thearrel 'Kiltron' McKinney 
Email Address           : kiltron (at) planetquake (dot) com 

Description             : Map for use with DOOM 3 

Special Thanks          : id Software, GameSpy Industries, IGN Entertainment

UPDATED 5.29.06:

1) Added extended D-Sector area.


1) Added small step ladders to access vent 1 and 2 easier.
2) Fixed broken Imp in Waste area that would not walk towards player.
3) Added guard rails to help player down ladders easier.
4) Fixed broken Trite in vent 1.
5) Removed Trite from PDA room tunnel.



1) Unzip the kiltron1plus.pk3 to your C:/DOOM3/base directory.
2) Substitute C:/DOOM3/base path with your DOOM 3 install path.
3) Press Ctrl+Alt+~ (Tilde) or just ~ (Tilde) to bring down the console.
4) Type: map kiltron1plus
5) Kill anything that moves and breathes heavy!


---Map Information---

Build                   : Completely Original From Scratch (No Remakes Here)
Build Time              : About 3 weeks UPDATE: Plus 2 days for extended area.
Requirements            : DOOM 3 Retail Install
Map Name                : Trite Breeding Facility Plus
Game Mode               : Single Player
New Textures            : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Music               : Yes
Gameplay Time           : 35 mins. (at least) UPDATE: Extended to 45 mins. to 1 hour.
Recommended Adrenaline  : Nightmare Mode, :)

Note: This is an original DOOM 3 map. All my ideas, and all my work to build it. It has
been tested on several Nvidia graphics cards including GeForce 6800 Ultra, GeForce FX 5200
and GeForce 4600 TI. You get ultimate performance in this level using the recommended card
for DOOM 3 which is the GeForce 6800 series of cards. Using the other two cards the level
played well, but the FPS was very low in certain areas. There have not been any test's with
ATI cards, or any other cards. If you run into any issues, please let me know.

The map is what it is. Not enough of this and that? Too hard? Become a better player.


---Extra Thanks---

My loving daughter Bianca-Marie. The one true inspiration to do what I do. Jacob Judy,
Brian, Siva. All the fans that enjoy my work. All the news sites that post about my work.
A great thanks to Ultra Violet as their Heaven song looped many hours in my headphones
during production.

Thanks to the band The Birthday Massacre. A piece of their song Broken was used for the
D-Sector music loop. You like it? Go buy the CD.

No thanks to haters......


----Addition Copyright Information----

You should not use this map as a base to build new levels. 
Please, create new maps on your own from scratch!
Do not include this map in a mod, mappack, or any
release you call your own, without my permission. Do not
sell for profit.

Websites may distribute this file via electronic means only, 
if the kiltron1plus.txt and kiltron1plus.pk3 file is included intact, 
and unaltered. Any other use, please contact me.
If you wish to include this map on a cover disc with 
a magazine or alone, please contact me prior to. I am more 
than likely to give permission for such aspects.


----Where To Obtain Our Files----

To obtain your copy of this map, please visit 
my website. Send feedback to:

Thearrel 'Kiltron' McKinney


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