This fairly large mod modifies a number of aspects of the game. These affect most of the weapons/items, their graphics appearance as well as...


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This fairly large mod modifies a number of aspects of the game. These affect most of the weapons/items, their graphics appearance as well as some player attributes to name a few.

Having trouble with my computer, I can't test it presently; but I think it is worth checking out!

Take at look at the readme to have you convinced ;)


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Download '' (19.81MB)

Tweakedoom v² :

Well, there is the second version of Tweakedoom.
Maybe you've never heard about the first... just because it was never posted...
20 MO of modification.

Features :


-The Oneofthe8devilz's "Ultra-Extreme-Quality-MOD" (U-E-Q-MOD)
-New Bump-Mapping shadows for all demon monsters (The Maggot Bump-mapping is the "Fragger mod" one)
-Chrome skin for Shotgun
-Chrome Barrel for Chaingun
-Chrome skin for Plasma Gun
-New Explosions Sprites
-New sounds for the Shotgun and Chaingun
-A better Heat Haze Effect (Lava, the BFG green ball, the Cyberdemon Rocket Launcher...)
-Lightning effect when a Shotgun or a Chaingun bullet hit walls and floor.

Weaponry :

-Fists and Flashlight deals more damage
-Pistol have a 18 Bullets Clip and deals more damage (you can easily kill a IMP, a maggot or a revenant with...)
-Shotgun have a 12 Shells Clip and deals a little bit more damage and have a reduced angle of contact.
-Machinegun shots a little bit faster
-Chaingun - Like the reality : Shoots faster, 80 Bullets Clip (this is not ery realistic...), A lot more damage
-Plasma Gun shots faster and deals a less damage and holds 80 cells in a clip
-Rocket Launcher does a little bit more damage
-BFG deals some more damage
	-The Railgun (type "give weapon_railgun" in the console) - NOTE : it uses the plasma cells + Quake 3 Sounds
	-The Minigun (type "give weapon_minigun" in the console) - NOTE : Modern Beast = Bullet eater (remember that in 10 secs, 300 bullets were gone... :-° )

-Only Chaingun, Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher, Railgun, Minigun, and BFG can Gib

Player :

-The Player runs faster when in Noclip (Useless for some players... Just type "Noclip" in the console.)
-The Player can hold more ammo :
	540 Pistol Bullets
	560 Shells
	900 Machinegun Bullets
	800 Chaingun Bullets
	100 Grenades
	800 Plasma Gun Cells
	120 Rockets
	64 BFG Cells
-The Player can now have more health (150 Health Points) and more Armor (200 Armor Points)

Items :

-The Medi-Kits gives more health (The big gives 50 HP and the small, 25 HP)
-The Armors Gives 75 Armor Points and 15 Health Points

Installation :

Just unpack the "Tweakedoom.pk4" File to your Doom3 Base Directory
Unpack it to a new folder named "Tweakedoom" (or anything else...) in the Doom3 Directory :
Example : "c:\Doom3\Tweakedoom"

Notes :

Remember that Fists, Flashlight, Pistol, Shotgun and Machinegun can't gib anymore !
If there's too many corpses on the screen, the game will slow down the FPS !!

(Better have a good PC configuration...)

The "Fire Smoke" of the Minigun was removed to conserve a good Framerate...

Xaero007 (

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