-The Railgun Returns... tweaked. -New graphicals tweaks -Stronger Player -More Difficult Game...


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-The Railgun Returns... tweaked. -New graphicals tweaks -Stronger Player -More Difficult Game -More Weapon Equilibration to preserve Gameplay -Corrected Many Bugs -Sorry to be so late!

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Download '' (70.4MB)

Tweakedoom 4.0

To install the mod, just extract the pk4 file in your Doom 3 'base' folder OR create a new folder in your Doom 3 (game, not the 'base' folder) and put the file inside. By doing the second technique, you should be able to select or deselect the mod in the Doom 3 menu.

Details :

Technical :

-Lighter Def Files (Deleted useless things like lines or spaces)
By doing this, I've notcied a little Loading time boost. Maybe Useless on some computers, but it works on mine and on few other computers I've tested.

Weaponry :

-The Pistol deals a little bit more damage and have a 18 bullets clip
-The Shotgun spread cone is bigger (to be more realistic, more Spas12...) and a bit stronger
-The Machinegun is a little bit faster
-The Chaingun spread cone is alittle bit bigger and stronger
-The Grenade explosion radius is smaller
-The PlasmaGun is a little bit faster but weaker
-The Rocket Launcher explosion radius is smaller but it's stronger
-The BFG explosion radius a little bit smaller
-The SMC300 is a bit faster but weaker and have a 50 bullets clip
-The Protonyde is a lot stronger, have a bigger spread cone and uses 16 Belt Ammo per shot
-The Railgun is stronger but slower (between the 2 shots) and uses 16 Plasma Cells per shot

Graphics :

-The Weapons that uses bullets displays short lights effects when hitting any surfaces (wall, ceiling, ennemies, actors...):
	The Pistol
	The Shotgun (I know, this weapons doesn't use bullets but shells. It does the effect too.)
	The Machinegun
	The Chaigun (I've put a patch that removes this effect which needs strong Graphics Cards)
	The SMC300 (There's a patch too, the SMC300 eats more resources than any weapon in this MOD, so...)
	The Protonyde (The light is display in a short time, so it doesn't affects too much the performance)

-The Grenade and Rocket Launcher have a bigger Light effect (proper to them)
-The BFG exploding light effect is a lot bigger and tweaked to display a White Light on the Corpses (near to the explosion)
-The Railgun explosion effect is a lot bigger and have a Rocket Launcher mtr (I've forgot the real name, sorry) explosion effect and the gun's head smokes a little bit after a shot. (See by yourself if you didn't understand... I'm proud of myself)
-The Weapons that uses bullets makes sparks when hitting a surface (and not an actor)
The Weapons (BFG) or Things (like lava, fire) that uses the Heat Hazes are Tweaked to be a little bit more Realistic (bigger, more hazes)
-A better light render (the light are optimized, in glprogs files and in a autoexec.cfg file)

Sound :

-New Pistol Shoot Sound
-The Railgun's Hum Sound Volume has been Raised
-The SMC300, Protonyde and Railgun have new sounds

Gameplay :

-The Monsters Melee Attacks are tougher
-The Monsters are stronger (hits harder, deals more damage, more resistant)
-The Pinky is a lot more resistant and headhsots are less effective (his head is very big)
-The Wraith is now harder to kill (silent teleport, moving more)
-The Cyberdemon is now vulnerable to other weapons (like the 'real' cyberdemon) and have a bigger health 12000 (6 Soul Cube attacks)
-The Bosses Health are a lot bigger
-Headshots are more effective (some Bosses included)
-Re-Ajusted Mass for monsters (For a better Physics Animation)

New FX :

-Added Screen Shakes when fire a weapon (the punch, flashlight, soulcube and pistol aren't concerned)
-Added new effects on few weapon :
	The Grenade's Explosion Effect have been tweaked since Tweakedoom 3
	The Plasmagun's Plasma Balls Impacts have now image distorsions (rounded)
	The BFG fire effect have a complete image distorsion
	The Railgun Explosion Effects have modified (Fire-Plasma Like) and a image Distorsion (Heat Effect)

There is a Second Pack, for those who finds that the Protonyde is not very fun to play. In the Second Pack, you'll find a replacement for the Protonyde, the Vulcan.

To Get the new weapons, you'll have to type some commands in the console (better bind them no ?) :

give weapon_smc300
give weapon_protonyde
give weapon_vulcan
give weapon_railgun


-The New Textures only works on Doom3 High Settings (Option Menu)
-When I've added the screen shakes at fire (sndshd files), the game estimates them as bugs but aren't. Don't worry, the console display them only once.

To Apply the Second Pack, just extract it in the same place you installed Tweakedoom4.
For the Dynamic Lights Disabler Patch, just extract the .pk4 files you want to use in the same folder where you installed Tweakedoom4.

PS : I'm sorry to make this MOD so late, I had some... Hard Disk Problem's (For those who really cares *again*, I had to throw away my old HD, and to rebuild a new Tweakedoom MOD).
By doing this mod, I wanted to include many weapons. But everytime that I try a new one, I think that it won't be fun, or it's useless or... well, I only keeped one 'new-new' weapon, the Vulcan.

List of weapon I did, but didn't include (if someone wan't me to make Weapon Packs, I can, just ask for it) :

-Tripod Launcher :
	some kind of multi-rocket launcher, use like mines because the rocket are slow
	Big F*cking RailGun... the name said everything
-Berserk Hands :
	One punch, one dead.. not really funny.
-Sniper Rifle :
	A ballistic copy of the Railgun
-Delirium :
	A gun that propulses the enemy. Uses the Mass props and does not damage. Wanated to include a big wave (image 	distorsion) on impact... a Candy-Eye Weapon
-Flare-Grenade :
	Already created by other Modders but I found it useless for this Mod. I included light explosions when a bullet hits 	a surface. Just spare some ammo for a little bit light...
-Rocket Jump :
	The Rocket Explosion Damage was set to 0 and whan the players 'shoots his feet', he was propulsed very high... 	Useless in Doom3 Levels.
-UltraBall :
	I used the Grenade Model to make some kind of High-Speed ball that travels straight, and explodes only after 3 	seconds and not by contact. The Doom Marine throws it like a Normal Hand Grenade but the UltraBall Acts like a 	rocket.
-Grenade Launcher :
	The name means all. Rocket Launcher Model and Grenades as Projectiles... Useless because the Hand Grenade is a 	equivalent of this weapon.

If someone wants to contact me, there's my E-mail : Xaero007 AT free DOT fr (yup, stills Xaero007 for my mail...)

(For those who really care, I'm just Xaero007... changed the nickname)

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