=UAC= BFG Campbell

Squadmate Update: "=UAC= BFG Campbell" reports for duty carrying one helluva BIG Gun!

When is the last time a new mod really blew you...


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Squadmate Update: "=UAC= BFG Campbell" reports for duty carrying one helluva BIG Gun!

When is the last time a new mod really blew you away? If you said the last time you downloaded and played =UAC= BFG Campbell, then you'll be happy to know we think alike! We are happy to present the must anticipated updated version to the popular Single Player mod developed by Murph.

=UAC= BFG Campbell is a Special Edition mod offering Doom3's own model brought to life by combining some of the contributions of the developers mentioned in the readme. Campbell is a spawn-in "Follower" Marine who comes 'Alert Ready' and once he fires the BFG... KABOOM!!!... Enemy?... What enemy ????

When looking for a little back-up in an un-forgiving world... =UAC= BFG Campbell is reporting for duty!

If you've ever gotten your arse kicked, and said to yourself "...Boy, a little help in here would be nice." then it's time for you to rejoice! This mod will not only give you some company while you do battle, but he is also much more then a pretty face! This helping hand comes packing some serious fire power with his own BFG! =UAC= BFG Campbell comes ready to defend your life, and he'll have your back no matter what the situation. Fire off your pistol next to him and he goes into a defensive stance with the BFG while shouting out another voice add in "What the Hell!" If shot in the leg he will yell out in pain, march off and finish up with some fancy defensive spin around maneuvers while aiming the BFG! If all is well, he'll go back to an idle stance. No need to order BFG Campbell to attack the enemy as he will attack any enemy while in "Follow" mode or "Hold" mode automatically.

Certainly a worth while download and a must have in anyones "Doom3" mod collection as "=UAC= BFG Campbell" is quite unique in his own right!

Refer to the readme for a whole plethora of information.

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Download 'uac_bfg_campbell_v.1.1.zip' (11.85MB)

 I am very proud to present "=UAC= BFG Campbell". This "Special Edition" mod offering is surely one of a kind!. =UAC= BFG Campbell is only one part of a new =AMS= release v.7.ufo that I have been working on. "Allied Marine Squadmates v.7.ufo".."United Forces: Official" is the new =AMS= mod pak that I pulled my latest creation from and should be available shortly. After much work and attention to details, I felt that =UAC= BFG Campbell was good enough to be offered up as a
stand alone mod and now make him available to the "Doom3 Community".
 =UAC= BFG Campbell is "Doom3" own model brought to life! After viewing parts of Altroth Akenzie's BFG marine def.file and the BFG Weapons def.file, I was able to make my own custom Campbell def. file and combined it with "Tinman" Hansens newest ally script that I also altered to handle all of Campbell's animations. A true hybrid of sorts... thanks to all of the authors skilled inputs.

 =UAC= BFG Campbell really does not do "Tinman" Hansens new ally script justice, as he is a bit limited in his animations, but the script will prove itself to be a work of art in "AMS v.7.ufo".  =UAC= BFG Campbell had barely enough animations in place to make him a functional soldier, so I  made up some animation files in trying to appease the game/script itself and avoid its crashes to main menu. This has seemed to do the trick for now!... As is, BFG Campbell is fairly stable considering how sensitive he was to any new alterations attempted by me at times.

 Thanks to the contributions made by "Dafama2k7"... =UAC= BFG Marine Campbell is made ready to  "Follow" so shining a flashlight at him to wake him up is not needed. He will "Follow" you any  where the game will allow or "Hold" his position if you command as well. Another contribution made by "Dafama2k7" is how BFG Campbell enters the area. He spawns-in with quite a show through the firey Teleportation Portal. If BFG Campbell does become lost for too long...don't worry as a more subdued automatic teleportation is in place to put him back at your side! I added in a BFG Campbell voice sound from the game that questions "Where are you hiding?" This is Campbell's real voice just before automatic teleportation takes place to let you know he's spawning over to you and is back at you side once again. If he happens to get in your way, just bump in to him a bit. He'll quickly move out of your way while stating another added in voice "Excuse me!"... I also added in my own custom made responce "chirp: Roger. I am armed and ready!" from the "Squadmates"  and Enpro battle chatter "I'm moving in!" Not that it was necessary... I just wanted too! I added "Squadmate Update" to the Drop-Down Console, but it isn't really needed much either as the "Tinman" has added "Quick-View" right on the pop-up name tags that already show "Health" and if in "Follow" mode or "Hold" mode. Pretty neat trick from the "Tinman" that I like and gets two thumbs-up!

 =UAC= BFG Marine Campbell comes "Alert Ready". Fire off your pistol next to him and he goes into a defensive stance with the BFG while shouting out another voice add in "What the Hell!" If shot in the leg he will yell out in pain, march off and finish up with some fancy defensive spin around manuevers while aiming the BFG! If all is well, he'll go back to an idle stance. No need to order BFG Campbell to attack the enemy as he will attack any enemy while in "Follow" mode or "Hold" mode
 automatically. However a word of caution here. BFG Campbell is a little slow to fire off the BFG once the enemy is spotted. If you have a robot sentry or another style ally marine spawned in they will always out draw BFG Campbell and register the kill first. He is a better soldier when he has some space and time as opposed to a pop-out surprise enemy. His animation process is a bit lengthy sorry, but messing with it only gave me big trouble!!! Have no fear though...Once BFG Campbell fires
 the BFG...KABOOM!!!... Enemy?... What enemy ????  One other minor issue with BFG Campbell is running. He won't be!... I have him set-up to walk always because he has problems with running sometimes. His upper torso spins in complete 360 degree circles and his legs look weird as well. Oddly, this only happens when running to catch up to you...but doesn't happen when running to engage the enemy! This can probably be fixed at some point, but it will have to wait for now!          

 I'm including 2 slightly different BFG_Campbell mod pak files. YOU ONLY NEED TO CHOOSE ONE TO INSTALL!

 1. "BFG Campbell-NPC Safe"  = All NPC Friendlies will live through the horrible BFG Blasts.

 2. "BFG Campbell-Kills NPC" = All NPC Friendlies will die after a BFG Blasts too close to them.

 Originally, =UAC= BFG Marine Campbell was set-up for one helluva big explosion that killed everyone! During an attack, any friendly NPC's in the area were turned into toast, including yourself, if too close for comfort. This was the original BFG Marine set-up in =AMS= and I never did like it much. So I made up my own BFG parameters that not only lets you go unharmed, but also lets all friendly NPC's
 go unharmed as well. At least in theory any way, a direct hit to a friendly may kill or hurt him yet as I did notice some minor damage to myself while in close proximity to an obliterated enemy! Small price to pay, but for the most part friendlies should be OK as long as you are using "BFG Campbell- NPC Safe"! Even though "BFG Campbell-Kills NPC" will do just that, I altered it so "you" won't die as
the BFG does its thing! However, "you" will expierence the blast waves! If standing too close to the BFG impact zone "you" could get blown off a cliff or catwalk there in falling to your untimely death!

 There is another reason I included both pak files... Altering the BFG weapon parameters also alters  the type of theatrical explosion you'll witness. "BFG Campbell-NPC Safe" has what I feel is a very acceptable impact explosion, as does "BFG Campbell-Kills NPC", but it lacks the cool green laser beam theatrics before the shot or the smokey green residue after the shot. Detuning the killer BFG is the cause, but once again it's a small price to pay so your friendly NPC's can live. Don't care about your friendly NPC buddies too much you say! Want the full laser show do ya?...Hello "BFG Campbell-Kills NPC"!     

 The quality of this mod and it's upcoming parent mod would not have been at all possible with out the contributions of the developers mentioned above. I would also like to thank Nivelxe & "DC Dev Team". Even though they do not have direct input on =UAC= BFG Marine Campbell's particular build, you will see  see their handy work soon in the upcoming "Allied Marine Squadmates v.7.ufo".."United Forces: Official". 
 In a round about way they do have some influence on =UAC= BFG Marine Campbell's final outcome.In working with the Nivelxe & "DC Dev Team" files to convert them for use in "AMS v.7.ufo". I learned how to adjust or manipulate the animation files enough to appease the game/script and stop it from crashing to the main menu at times. It would say it can't find so and so animation or animation does not exist! I think had I  not worked with the Nivelxe & "DC Dev Team" files BFG Campbell would not be a fully functional soldier! 


 // wgm: updated version 1.1 - 7/27/08  - New Readme Info:

 "Version 1.1 brings tweaks and upgrades to your "BFG Buddy" Campbell! Going from    ( v1.0 ) to ( v1.1 )  should provide a little quicker, stonger and much more stable =UAC= BFG Campbell! I reworked his BFG  script so he can better handle on coming attacks making him crash resistant in the process!" 

 "=UAC= BFG Campbell" ( ver.1.1 ) will include my =AMS= "Elite Melee Warrior" script! The "Bravo Team"  will be on hand and ready for action against an upcoming monster pak to be released shortly! =AMS=  mod marines in any version are not supported by "=UAC= BFG Campbell" ( ver.1.1 ) stand alone mod and  the reasons are explained below! However, in =AMS= v.7.ufo all will be included once again!"  

  Version 1.1 turns off the use of =AMS= scripts in any version due to an altered "doom_main.script" file.

  This has been done so you can enjoy full use of my upcoming mod "Altered Monster Squad Expansion Paks" or "=AMS.XP="...  With "BFG Campbell - version 1.1" and "=AMS.XP=" together, you can use up to 16 xp. paks! Sadly, you may ONLY choose 2-3 monster attack paks to install while using any =AMS= mod version once the "doom_main.script" file has been adjusted to allow for =AMS= scripts again. There is a scripting conflict that occurs if trying to use more than 2-3 paks at once! The map level will not load!   
  Old version "=UAC= BFG Campbell" ( ver.1.0 ) falls into this 2-3 paks ONLY category as well, because it too contains =AMS= scripts with-in its pak file. Originally I left them in so you could use both =AMS= and BFG Campbell mods at he same time, but now this has been changed in ( v1.1 ). You could unzip this file, remove the =AMS= scripts in order to use more monster paks, but your better off downloading the new version "=UAC= BFG Campbell"( v1.1 ). The New BFG Campbell has been optimized to work with the NEW  monster paks and more importantly to fix the "Crash to Main Menu" Bug which was a nuisance problem at times as well! 

  "=UAC= BFG Marine Campbell" ( v1.1 ) is a stand alone mod not dependent on the =AMS= mod. The upcoming  "Allied Marine Squadmates v.7.ufo" will include a built-in BFG Campbell, but once again, you will be  limited in "=AMS.XP=" monster mod paks that you can use at any one time!

  "=UAC= BFG Campbell" ( ver.1.1 ) will include my =AMS= "Elite Melee Warrior" script! The "Bravo Team"  script causes no problems with any of the upcoming monster paks and they will be on hand to spawn-in! This gives you the option of using 16 monster paks, BFG Campbell and The "Bravo Team".

  In the near future release of "Allied Marine Squadmates" ( =AMS= v.7.ufo ) along with the main pak file, I  probably will include a little seperated pak concerning the NEW additional feature "The Rescued Followers"  and NEW additional "Melee Warriors". These also causes no problems with any of the monster paks and gives 
  you the  option of using 16 monster paks, BFG Campbell, The "Bravo Team", "The Rescued Followers" and NEW  additional "Melee Warriors" with out the =AMS= v.7.ufo marines on hand. Once again using the =AMS= v.7.ufo  marines will drop you down to using ONLY 2 or 3 monster paks! =AMS= v.7.ufo marines are whole lot of fun as well. I didn't like the idea that the other mod builds would have to suffer the same fate as =AMS= and  this is the reason I have started to seperate these extra builds! The choice will be yours as to how you  set-up your mods in order to get the most enjoyment! 




  Please refer to the "Installation Instructions" folder with-in this mod pak for detailed instructions and installation options for "=UAC= BFG Marine Campbell" 
( v1.1 ) . 


 Known Bugs or Issues :

  Revision 1:

  Most known major bugs and minor bugs have been addressed or corrected. However,"=UAC= BFG Campbell" had one known nuisance bug that should have been erased with this latest update and two other bugs that are repaired or at a minimum, have been addressed as well. One very minor "mis-fire" bug not addressed as of  yet is explained below. These bugs were a real pain in the butt to track down and I will explain them in case they become a real issue!


  Addressed Bug 1: No Animation Available :   
  As the game moves along it reads the scripts and tries to apply the appropriate animations as necessary.  Early on, I got a lot of crashes to game main menu until I supplied the animations into a new folder. It seemed to be OK... but every now and then you still might get a crash to game main menu stating:

  "Warning Error: No bfgfire animation available...unknown script function bfgfire!"...

  I have not gotten this error in quite awhile... but if you happen to get it, sorry... just reload from your  last "Save" and just play on! You may only experience this flaw the one time! It won't probably won't crash again for another hundred miles, so don't get too mad your at your "BFG Buddy!"

  I really thought I eliminated this problem, as I never did experience it in the final "=UAC= BFG Campbell" mod ver.1.0 I did release! A user replied he had run across it lately. I guess it was not exactly "Zapped". I think most people would encounter this bug early on at least once....but for what ever reason it doesn't
seem to come back for a long time after reloading the level or from a "Save" ... I'm talking you may play the next 3 to 4 days or more with no problems at all.. It is a very minor nuisance for the amount of fun  "=UAC= BFG Campbell" can provide! So give your "BFG Buddy" a second chance if you do come across this bug and let me know about any other issues as well. 

  // wgm: updated version 1.1 - 7/17/08 has re-addressed this bug issue and it should be eliminated now!

  Addressed Bug 2: Upper Torso Lock-up on BFG Campbell :   

  "BFG Campbell" had a little upper torso problem from time to time where he would freeze-up in a semi-turned position, bobbing back and forth saying "Where are you hiding?" Originally, the only thing to do was to kill him and spawn-in a fresh Campbell. I then corrected him enough to be able to free him up by shooting him once 
  with the pistol in the arm or leg and he was good to go!.. Once he was freed-up, this bug would not usually return throughout the rest of the game. Obviously, this bothered me much and I couldn't leave him like this.  After some more work, I was able to repair this flaw and have not seen it return as of yet!... If for some 
reason, you unfortunately experience this nuisance bug...give BFG Campbell a shot in the arm! 

  // wgm: This bug issue addressed in version 1.0


  Addressed Bug 3: "Alert Ready!" Responce Activated on "Talk" when in the v.7.ufo
                    mod pak.file :

  For an obvious reason, the "Alert Ready!" responce was activated on "Talking" to "=UAC= BFG Campbell" when he is with-in the v.7.ufo mod pak.file. Oddly, this does not occur or is an isssue in his "stand-alone" mod offering! This "Bug" is not so much a real "Bug" as this responce is suppose to happen according to the script.
I just don't care for having a BFG stuck in my face and it has now been fixed to my liking!

  // wgm: updated version 1.1 - 7/17/08 has addressed this bug issue and it should   be eliminated now!


  Bug 4:  Possible "Mis-Fire" after battling multiple monsters!

 This is a very minor bug to report after re-working the script and I feel it's an acceptable margin of error to deal with. After battling multiple monsters, there is the possiblity BFG Campbell could "fire" off the BFG one last time a second or two after the last monster dies! It happens infrequently and only under certain circumstances! I guess the way he is set-up now, in some situations, once he's locked,loaded and in battle, he's going to shoot even if the last monster dies before he gets the shot off! Just make note of it and don't run up to BFG Campbell immediately after a fierce battle with multiple monsters!... Give him a second 
afterwards or you could end up on the wrong end of a BFG blast! If he does have a "mis-fire" he will usually "mis-fire" at where the last monster was before it died. This does not seem to happen when using two different monster styles, but more so when using two of the same monster styles to battle.

  Scripting is not my strong suit and as a modder, I only do it as a necessary evil! Apparently, the way the game reads through the additonal scripts and definitions, the "braces" with-in the scripts and defs. will have some influence over the next file and with the files there after. This can cause minor differences in  some of the files, as well as cause major bugs in others! Also please keep in mind, I am a gamer, just like  you! With no formal training in computer programming, I make mods for myself for fun and some of these I do share with the gaming community. They are usually good, but they are not perfect and probably won't be until a real pro steps in to fix design flaws! Until then, I'll do what I can to ensure a smooth game! As stated, I worked on the "Bugs" that were really annoying and hope you find my latest effort enjoyable!
                                           Good Luck and Enjoy! = Murph =  




                                 : Much thanks to Author's :

 1. Altroth "deviroth" AkenzieSize ( [email protected] ) for "Allied Marine    Squadmates v.5"  Date: 4-20-05

 2. Jarad "TinMan" Hansen  ( [email protected] ) for "The TinMan Squad v0.3 Beta"  Date: 9-26-2004 

 3. David Fabrega maestre ( [email protected] ) for "TinMan NG v2.8 for Doom III"  Date: 2-14-2008 
 4. Nivelxe ( [email protected] ) and the "Dev. Gang" for "Doom Chronicles - Beta Demo"   Date: 2/23/05

 5. William "Murph" Murphy ( [email protected] ) for "Allied Marine Squadmates v6.uu" Date: 2/10/08 


 * Copyright / Permissions/ Legal Stuff *


 You may NOT re-use the files involved in this zip for your own mods or builds freely without my written consent! I have gotten the permissions or approvals from the above authors to use or modify their files in this build and can not speak for them or their intentions when it comes to allowing you access to their respective files for other purposes! Useage of such files for further mod alterations or projects without written permission is strictly prohibited.
 However, with the above being clearly stated in relationship to safe guarding the other author's work.....

 I don't see a problem in granting permission in using "=UAC= BFG Campbell" "as is" if you wanted to include him in your own mods build or make him part of a bigger picture so to say. Obviously, all original "Doom3" files are the sole property of "idSoftware.inc" and through their generous allowances, permit us in the mod
 -ding community to alter said files in a way that keeps "interest" alive in the game! "=UAC= BFG Campbell"  is my mod creation and as his developer I reserve the right as to where or how he will be used... Please secure my written permission first before including him in any future mod builds or projects. Thankyou ! 

 Providing me with notification or contacting me about your own build is a requirment in using this mod!  If you do secure my permission to use this mod in future projects please provide an honorable mention or credit to Not Only Me, But The Above Listed Authors As Well, with in your own builds "Read Me"txt. file.


 You MAY distribute this Add-on, provided you include my "Read Me"txt. file, unaltered and state any other modifications to it in a seperate "Read Me" txt. file. You MAY distribute this Add-on in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include all files intact and it's free of any and all charges.
 *If you wish to distribute this in a game magazine, please notify/contact me and it's only to be distributed  as long as it's free of any charge. 
 *I assume no responsibility for any problems that may arise due to the use of this mod in any shape or form.  The "Doom3 Community" user takes full responsiblity for his/her actions in the use or abuse of this mod.
 ** Had to be said to cover my butt :)

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