Ultimate DOOM 3

Hello everybody. This is my first mod. So please be gentle.


- Double barreled shotgu...


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Hello everybody. This is my first mod. So please be gentle.


- [Removed] Double barreled shotgun from RoE (illegal) - Inventory up to 32 weapons (i'll fixed that after my BETA) - Bodies never disappear - You can make a bloody mess - Blood wont disappear - Shells wont disappear - Change the power of the shotgun - Changed some of the weapons' sounds - New blood effects - Zombies and other monster have better AI - Added new PDA's - Added bullet trials from HALF LIFE 2 - Improved graphics (you set on ULTRA DETAIL. IT IS ALREADY SET) - Changed visual effects (explosions) - Added Quick Weapon key (Press Q) - it will use you previous used weapon - Loading is a bit faster - Added a new easter-egg in the MONORAIL level - New decals, and bullet hole (TURN ON DECALS) - Added a new monster (find it out yourself IN the level IN HELL)

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Download 'ultimate_doom3_v1.zip' (5.03MB)

Ultimate DOOM3 v1.0-initial release
Works On v1.3
Hello everybody.This is my first mod.So please be gentle.

To instal:extract Ultimate DOOM3 folder to your DOOM 3 directory
To run this mod:Choose from main menu MOD\Ultimate DOOM3
-Added the double barrel shotgun from RoE(to have it open the console and type give weapon_shotgun_double)
That is all

P.S-I am currently working on a graphical mod called The misteries.I will use GTX graphics mod.
Sorry for my english,but i am LITHUANIAN.

-=I you have any bugs.or glitches e-mail me:kreed AT gawab DOT com=-

Special Thank TO:
Id Software (FOR DOOM3)
Denton Mod
And other guess that helped me with this mod :)

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